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ABB is a Swedish-Swiss business concern, its specialization is electrical engineering industry, and also industries of power engineer and information technologies.  A business concern was founded as a result of confluence in 1988 of the Swedish company ASEA and swiss Brown, Boveri & Cie.

Now the company is a leader in the production of equipment for a power engineer and technologies of automation. The main office of company is located in Zurich (Switzerland). Except for it a company has representative offices in more than 100 countries of the world with the state of about 150000 employees. Production capacities are concentrated in the different countries of Europe, Asia and America.

Basic directions of production of company are:

 - Electroenergy equipment. Includes middling and high-voltage circuit breakers, transformers, equipment of automation and relay defence.
 - Systems for an electroenergy. Subdivision is engaged in complex building of substations, in design of decisions for the high-voltage lines of transmissions and etc.
- Discrete automation and motion. It includes  generators, engines, drives, programmable controllers and etc.
- Automation of processes. Production of equipment for automation.
 - Low-voltage equipment. It includes different low-voltage equipment: switches, instrumentations, cable systems and etc.