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ELTRA Absolute Rotary Encoders

A rotary encoder, also called a shaft encoder, is an electro-mechanical device that converts the angular position or motion of a shaft or axle  to an analog or digital code.
An absolute rotary encoder determines its position using a static reference point. They provide a unique digital code for each distinct angle of the shaft, storing the value of the actual position and, therefore, preventing the loss of information in case of restart of the system or power-loss.
There are two main types of absolute encoders: magnetic and optical, but their principle is the same.
Looking at the binary code within the absolute rotary encoder determines the absolute position of the object. For optical absolute encoders, the marker is an opening which lets through light. For magnetic absolute encoders, the markers are a magnetic sensor array  that passes over a magnet and detects the position of the magnetic poles.
Eltra company constantly grows and develops new technologies.  Now it offers singleturn and multiturn series of absolute encoders. They guarantee a high resolution and is therefore recommended for applications that require more precision and accuracy. Magnetic encoders, suitable for industries where elevated speed, excellent wear and temperature resistance  and IP protection sealing are needed.

The most popular models of absolute rotary Eltra encoders:
eltra eam 36, eam58, eltra ea63a, eam63 eltra, encoder eltra eam 63, eltra ea50a