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Pepperl+fuchs is the known producer on the market of industrial automation. Main office of company is situated in Mannheim(Germany). The company is specialized in the production of sensors (for example,  sensors, used in the automatic doors in elevators).

History of company begins in 1945, when Walter Pepperl and Ludwig Fuchs opened a radio-repair workshop. To 1948 the company extends the circle of activity, that results in opening of the first proximity switch in 1958. Also it develops the first transistor amplifier with an intrinsically safe control circuit.  Firm constantly develops in elaborations of sensory,  explosion protection and intrinsic safety technologies.

At present the company has about 5600 employees all over the world and more than 80 representative offices on six continents. The production capacities of enterprise are located in such countries, as: Germany,  Hungary, USA, China, Singapore, Vietnam and Indonesia.

By basic directions a company, each of which is oriented to the requirement in the certain sphere of automation,  are:

- Automation of factories.
- Automation of processes.

Basic groups of producible equipment:
- ultrasonic sensors;
- inductive sensors;
- capacity sensors;
- encoders;
- agnetic sensors;
- tachometers, meters and drawing tools;
- skannery type of Data Matrix;
- sensors of angle of slope;
- optical sensors;
- the linear positioning systems.