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SIEMENS – it the worldwide known German business concern which is engaged in developments and production of different electrical engineering, electronic,  power and light equipment, and also transport and medical technique. Also the company gives different sort of service in many branches of industry, connection and transport.Main offices of company are in cities Munich and Berlin. 

History of company takes beginning in 1847 from creation of firm in industry of electro-telegraphy, mechanics and optics under the name Telegraphen-bauanstalt Siemens & Halske. Founder of Simens are Werner von Siemens and Johann Georg Halske.

In a short term the company becomes a world leading producer in electric industry. The first known worldwide opening of company was pointer telegraph which could pass reports on large distances. This device was pre-condition to  opening and development of alarm equipment and technique of connection.

Almost from foundation the company was oriented on development of business relationships and collaboration with different countries of the world. Presently concern has a great number of manufacturing facilities all over the world.  Most of them are located in the countries of European Union and area of NAFTA.

Presently the followings directions are included in the structure of company:
1.Sector of Energy. Engaged in the production of equipment for different turbines, generators,wind power plants, sun power-stations and other.
2.Sector of Healthcare. Different equipment used in medicine.
3.Sector of Industry. Includs design and production of different equipment for automation of industrial processes.
4.Sector of Infrastructure & Cities. Includs design and introduction of complex decisions for automation of buildings, systems of fire extinguishing, videosupervision, low-voltage power-stations, transport industry etc .
5.Race-sectoral subdivisions. Realization of financial operations, and also leadthrough of researches.
6.Siemens Real Estate. Subdivision rule over real estate of company.