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SIEMENS SITOP power supplies

SIEMENS SITOP power supplies stand out by their high reliability, compactness and functionality. Also they cope very well with critical network conditions. Products of SITOP series  is widely known by their protecting plants from loss of production and standstills.
Siemens offers big range of SITOP power supplies. The main DIN rail power packs consists of SITOP smart, SITOP modular  and LOGO!Power product lines. They provide a controlled 24 V DC power supply and other input voltages.

SITOP smart stand out by their perfect overload characteristics. They enables trouble-free connection in high power equipment.
SITOP modular can be one-phase, two-phase and three-phase. They are perfect for use in complex plants and machines. Also they ensure a high degree of safety even there are large voltage fluctuations.
LOGO!Power devices offer great performance in the smallest space.
SITOP compact series has extremely slim design and is space-saving. These power supplies are characterized by extremely low power loss. It allows to use them in equipment and machinery that are often in stand-by mode.
SITOP lite series is developed for standard requirements in industrial environments.

Due to their wide input range, SITOP power supplies can be connected to almost any network worldwide.
They have certifications in accordance with CE and UL/cUL. For special applications SITOP offers the universal solution.