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The ABB ACS1000 is a line of industrial medium voltage drives. They provide precise control of the process thanks to the technology of Direct Torque Control.  And a small number of ACS1000 components ensure its high reliability and flexibility. They include big range of voltage and power: 315kW…5MW; 2,3…4,16 kV.

ACS 1000 can be modernized various options which can selected according to customer's requirements. Also they stand out by their easy integration into existing or new system.

Industrial line of ABB drives can help customers to control his standard applications and optimize his processes, and also increase profitability and productivity. Due to precise control it is possible to ensure efficiency of operations and to optimize of row materiel using.

Due to high versatility of ACS1000 they can operate in various (even harsh) environments and conditions.  The most suitable fields of application of ACS1000 are water, food and beverage, metals, marine, cement and mining, power generation and others.

Benefits of ACS1000 drives:
- Fuseless design.
- DTC function.
- Water and air cooled are available.
- Three cables in and three cables out give an easy integration.
- Arc resistant design.
- Standard output sine filter (gives high compatibility with motors).
- Built-in or external input transformer.