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ABB Softstarters

ABB Company offers big spectrum of different soft starter types. The main their purpose is to make life of AC motor and shaft longer due to protection from electrical stresses by optimizing starting currents. They manage the process of start, work and stop of electric motors. Soft starters make smooth acceleration, smooth stop, reduce starting current and produce harmonization of the motor's torque with the load torque.

During the start-up torque within fractions of a second often reaching 150-200%  from nominal, that can result  in failure of mechanical part of drive. In this case the starting current can be 6-8 times larger than the nominal. Because of this local power network voltage drop occurs.  It can make problems for other loads of the network, and if the voltage drop is too large, the motor may not start. Application of smooth starting devices provides the speed limit rise and the maximum value of starting current from a zero to the basic value during the set time. In the electronic devices of the smooth starting current limitation is achieved by a smooth rise of voltage on the windings of the motor. It allows to retain the parameters of electric motor (current, voltage and etc) in safe limits during starting. This reduces the likelihood of overheating of the windings and eliminates the jerks in the mechanical part of the drive.

ABB softstarters have a lot of inbuilt functions and features such as pump cleaning, torque control and others. Accept perfect protection they are easy to install assembly and learn. ABB soft starters combine the many needs in one device allowing increasing customer’s productivity.

Motor application of ABB softstarters are 3A … 2160 A.

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