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Baumer is the known Swiss producer of sensors and sensory equipment for many fields of industry. The company was founded in 1952 By Herbert Baumer. In 1964 an experimental businessman Helmut Vietze undertook a management a firm. Due to him the trademark became known worldwide.

Basic principles of company are basing on now-how and progress in technologies, and also stability and reliability. For today a company has production places and branches all over the world (38 representative offices in 19 countries) and counts more than 2500 employees.

The nomenclature of the produced products includes: encoders,  accelerometers, tachometer generator, speed limiters, devices of implosion protection etc.

Along with ordinary, wide-spread sensors, a company produces high-accuracy, precision products. Quite unique touch-controls are presented in the line of products, analogues which do not exist. The wares of firm find the application in different industries of industry, and able to decide practically any production task.

Baumer, produces the followings sensors of the industrial setting: 
- measurings sensors;
- inductive sensors;
- photo-electric sensors;
- precision analog sensors;
- sensors of the magnetic field;
- magnetic encoders;
- ultrasonic sensors;
- laser sensors;
- actuators;
- precise switches;
- encoders.

A company Baumer Electric produces different multiturn absolute encoders. Among them it is possible to select four basic groups: 
- Standard optical encoders. 
- Encoders with the magnetic method of measuring (Magres series).
- Programmable encoders Dignalizer series. They allowallow you to specify the accuracy of the measurement.  
- Programmable encoders  Procoder series. Besides setting of accuracy measuring they allow to set protocol of communication of data.