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ABB Drives

The ABB is one of the biggest worldknown company in the sphere of production of electrical engineering equipment. One of the main activities of the manufacturer is the low voltage AC drives. Frequency converters apply in the fields where adjusting of speed of rotation of engine is necessary. These devices allow to decrease speed of rotation of electric engine. Thus, they reduce electricity consumption when there is no need for full power.

Drives of ABB are devices which are produced taking into account the newest achievements in area of converting equipment with the use of the newest technical developments. The frequency converters of ABB give the possibility to use a standard drive of ABB for solving problems of automation and control of technical processes.

Due to the large economy of electric energy the devices are pretty quickly recouped and also help to shorten wastes of production. Owing to reliability of ABB products it is possible to decrease downtime and to augment the production volumes. The speed of process is provided even at the excessive technological requirements. It takes place thanks to the large diversity of software applications, providing a management of drives. The use of advanced controlling means provides the accuracy and performance in the case of change of technological parameters.

The drives of ABB can be supplied in standard kitting or specially manufactured to meet the specific requirements.

Low voltage AC drives of ABB is possible to divide into two groups. One on them is standard drives that are widely used in utilities and industry. The second one is industrial drives of ACS and ACQ. Standard drives unite models have power from 0.18 to 355kV and voltage from 208 to 480V.

The frequency converters of ABB have great advantages, such as extensive range of drives, general interfaces, adaptive programming, general software.