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Emotron Industrial Drives are electronic devices of absolute control above exploitation of equipment, its reliability and effective work. The increased saving effect  of electric energy and maintenance of drives gives the rpm control of the electric motor. As a result technological process is improved and there are no damages.

Drives with regulation of speed are constructed for different needs. Emotron presents decision to the use of converters in crushers, mills, pumps, lifts and ventilators.

Models of Emotron Drives:
FDU 2.0 - for compressors, fans and pumps.
VFX - for mixers, mills, crushers and hoists.
VSA/VSC - for low pressure.
DSV/GSV - for elevators.

The functionality of Drives.
Using the Converter provides regulation of motor speed, optimizations of consumption of power and smooth action on the equipment during braking and launching. It prolongs the operating term of mechanisms and increases an interval between services.

Emotron Drives has a great number of functions by which motor can be applied as a sensor.  Monitoring the utilization gives you the ability to send a signal out to the control circuit for certain values of the parameters. It is possible to control the breakage of the fan belt, the closed damper, the operation of the pumps dry.

For output relay it is possible to create a program using the options of the comparator to switch in certain situations at the various system events.
Series of Emotron Drives are presented in «standard» execution with IP54 and Power of 0,75 – 132 kilowatts. It is possible to make a special order for converters with greater power. In an ordinary complete set a control panel built into the body, as well as the input for connecting a motor thermistor and filters.

The advantages of Emotron Drives:
- PID controller;
- control over loading;
- run on the go;
- lock dry-running (fault of the fan belt);
- operation with several motors (up to 7 pcs.);
- washing pump in automatic mode;
- optimized control of workflow on the new Board;
- the parameters of the 4 sets;
- the compact design;
- sleep mode;
- the power connection in the linear form;
- filter for any performance;
- overheat protection;
- removable and copying  panel;
- analog inputs (4 pcs);
- Modbus, RS-485, Profibus, RS-232 interfaces;
- increased potential for virtual outputs, inputs, and timers.

Emotron frequency converters comply with the requirements of international standards.