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IFM Electronic

IFM is the leading producer of technological processes automation equipment from Germany. Since the moment of foundation of company in 1969, IFM electronic is engaged in permanent developments in area of physical quantity sensors, controllers and systems for industrial automation. To date the family enterprise in the second generation counts more than 5200 employees in 70 countries of the world.
IFM electronic combines internationalism and innovative force. The work of the Company differs by flexibility and maintaining close contacts with the companies of an average link.
The head office of company is disposed in Essen (Germany).
From the year of foundation of IFM Electronic continuously grows and develops, and for today there are more than eight thousand items in the nomenclature of products, among them:
- contactless inductive sensors of position and proximity;
- magnetic cylinder sensors;
- capacitive proximity sensors;
- level sensors;
- electronic temperature sensors;
- flow sensors for liquids and gases;

- recognition system (machine vision);
- contactless optical sensors (they include standard optical proximity sensors, optical sensors with fiber optics, sensors of contrast labels, laser rangefinders);
- rotary encoders;
- pressure sensors (with a ceramic membrane for food production and for general use);
- sensors to ensure safety in production;
- transmitters and limit switches;
- diagnostics systems (vibration sensors for monitoring and prevention of wear);
- AS-i sensors and accessories;
- identification system in the RFID tag;
- power supplies;
- accessories and connectors.
IFM Electronic is one of the few companies, using equipment which can be fully automated small production. The pride of the company is the widest range of sensors specially produced and designed for application in the food industry. Almost all sensors are manufactured in factories in Germany.
The IFM Electronic attaches great importance to the scientific and technical work. It shows up in constantly introducing new, innovative products. The equipment of the company is regularly winning prestigious international awards in engineering for the original technical solutions.
At the choice of sensors of IFM Elektronik it is needed to pay attention on the supplied connectors and cables of its own production. They will allow carrying out reliable electrical connection even in severe operating conditions of food and chemical industries.