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Baumer Sensors

Baumer Company is proved itself like leader of all spectrum of sensor technology. The main benefits of Baumer sensors are quickness, compactness and reliability.

Among the produced sensing equipment are capacitive, inductive, magnetic, photoelectric, ultrasonic and my-com sensors.

Along with common, widely-distributed sensors, the company produces high-precision products. Absolutely unique sensors are offered in the line of Baumer products with non-existent analogs.

The goods of producer find the use in varied fields of industry. They can decide virtually any production task. Among the most spread industry directions are mechanical engineering, drive technology, renewable solar and wind energy, logistics and transport (rail transport, cranes and heavy vehicles), gas and oil industry and etc.

Baumer constantly monitor the quality of their sensors and encoders and invest in newest innovative technical developments. In such a way it is one of the most qualified and trustworthy producer of sensing equipment.

The devices of Baumer possess enhanced vibrostability, shock resistance and explosion-proof execution that allow their application in heavy industry.