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The Sick company was created in 1947 by Erwin Sick. In subsequent years the company constantly developed in the field of production and distribution of intellectual sensors and decisions in area of industrial automation. Now the company has 50 subsidiaries all over the world with  the state of about 8000 employees.

Basic principles of company are flexibility and capacity for constant innovations. The company also pay great attention to leadership and development of its employees. Besides the one of main principles of company is the individual approach to each customer. The product range is large and includes contactless sensors, sensors of measuring of distance, proximity, fluid and etc.

The basic groups of producible equipment of Sick are:
- photoelectric sensors;
- proximity sensors;
- distance sensors;
- fluid sensors;
- magnetic cylinder sensors;
- encoders and inclination sensors;
- registration sensors;
- traffic sensors;
- analyzer solutions;
- identification solutions;
- gas analyzers;
- dust measuring devices;
- ultrasonic gas flow measuring devices;
- opto-electronic protective devices;
- detection and ranging solutions;
- motor feedback systems;
- sens: control - safe control solutions;
- safety switches;
- system solutions;
- automation light grids;
- software products;
- vision.