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SICK Incremental encoders

SICK Incremental encoders generate information about the position and angle of the object in the form of electrical impulses corresponding to the position of the shaft. If the shaft is stationary, the transmission of impulses is terminated. The basic operating parameter of sensor is number of pulses per revolution. The current position of the object is determined by counting data pulses in the measuring point. During the first connecting of power it is necessary to install the shaft to determine an absolute position.

Due to the universality, they are used for the decision of different tasks on factories, in logistic and in automation of processes. Among the line of incremental encoders SICK manufacture encoders for industrial applications, encoders with high resolution for tasks with high requirements, encoders with large hollow shaft for harsh environment and others.

Main advantages of SICK Incremental Encoders:
- strong and reliable design of encoder;
- accurate determination of the position and speed high resolution up to 65536 lines;
- perfect adaptation to the requirements of specific applications because of wide range of variants;
- small encoders allow to create a compact system design;
- reduction of time and costs through standardization using programming functions, that leads to fewer parts, diminishing of ware-house supplies, and also the reduction of downtimes to a minimum.