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3-Poles, Size II, IEC In: 1600A, 690V; AC 50/60 HZ; ICU: 80KA at 500V

Price on Request

3-Poles; Size II; IEC In: 2500A 690V; AC 50/60 HZ; ICU: 80KA at 500V

SENTRON 3WL is the new line of air molded case circuit breakers from Siemens. This series have nominal currents from 630 A to 6300 A, 3 sizes for different rated current ranges, 3 or 4 poles, nominal operating voltages up to AC 1000v and 3 different class breaking capacity from 50 ka to 100 ka.

Air circuit breakers are needed everywhere, as the input and the input feeders, and to protect installations, systems and motors.

The main areas of Sentron 3WL application are:
-as an introductory, switchgear, sectionalizing breaker outgoing lines in electrical installation;
-for commutation and defence of motors, condensers, generators, transformers, busbars and cables;
-application as emergency circuit breaker together with accessories of emergency shutdown (DIN VDE 0113, IEC 60204-1).

Benefits of Siemens SENTRON 3WL:
-The SENTRON WL devices are set extremely compact, without the loss of the productivity. Size I (to 1600 A) placed in a cell with a width of 400 mm.
-A new type of internal communication bus of the circuit breaker does possible inexpensive communication in a distributive device between circuit breakers and traditional second devices as for example analog measuring instruments, signaling device, incapable of communication disconnectors and etc.

-Information from a distributive device, as well as from a circuit breaker can be passed on the bus of PROFIBUS-DP or alternatively through Internet/Intranet/Ethernet on a central computer, thus forming the basis for significant cost savings.
-Adaptability of tripping current to changing conditions in an electrical installation is guaranteed in any situation thanks to the unique modularity of the entire system.
-Modules of protecting from a short circuit to earth, measuring function and display can be additionally equipped at any time. Diminishing of nominal current of circuit breaker by the module of nominal current is possible without replacement of the current transformer during a few seconds.
-Switchable feature of I2t or I4t for the range of overload currents allows better selectivity for a befor  or after switch protective devices.