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IFM Electronic SDG207

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General specification:

Compressed air meter, DC PNP, 2 outputs, OUT1 = switching output or pulse output, OUT2 = switching output, pulse output or analogue output, totaliser function, range, 0...21000 Nm³/h, measuring range, 58...17500 Nm³/h, connector. Main advantages:

-precise measurement of flow and consumption,

-high accuracy, repeatability and measurement dynamics

-for detecting compressed air in industrial use

-with switching output, analogue output and pulse output

-clearly visible 4-digit LED display.

The main characteristics of SDG207:

Electrical design: DC PNP;
Connection: M12 connector;
Materials (wetted parts): stainless steel 316 / 1.4401, stainless steel (304S15), ceramics glass passivated, PEEK (polyether ether ketone), polyester, Viton, aluminium anodised, stainless steel (304);
Medium temperature: 0...60 °C;
Operating voltage: 19...30 V DC;
Protection: IP 65;
Housing materials: PBT-GF 20, PC (APEC), Makrolon, stainless steel (304S15), Viton, Pipe section: stainless steel (304);
Pressure rating: 16 [bar];
Shortcode: SDG8"/METRIS PB DN200 SS LM;
Ambient temperature: 0...60 °C;
Output function: OUT1: normally open / closed programmable or pulse, OUT2: normally open / closed programmable, pulse or analogue (4...20 mA scaleable);
Current rating: 2 x 250 mA;
Measuring range: 58...17500 Nm³/h;
Application: Compressed air, Air quality(ISO 8573-1): , Class 141 (measuring error: see below, value A), Class 344 (measuring error: see below, value B);
Process connection: DN200;
Product Name: SDG207.