Eltra: the success of a Client is our success


We continue our new tradition of sharing the successes of our partners. The leader in sensor manufacturing market and our reliable partner Eltra has been concentrated for 30 years on the same goal: manufacturing and developing more innovative encoders designed to meet all the client's needs in terms of efficiency and quality as well as costs. The company offers not only the wide range of catalog products but also a service of the Project and the development of models at the request of the client.

In the context of such project a multi-turn absolute encoder was developed in the version of the mounting kit for integration with the engines. Eltra acted as a manufacturer of original equipment (OEM). The client highly appreciated the characteristics of the EAMN model, which is especially important because it was submitted among multi-turn absolute encoders of other manufacturers in our category.
Here below are some specifications for a more detailed awareness of the advantages:
- technology for capturing energy without battery or reducer;
- operating temperature up to 100 ° C;
- high speed of rotation (up to 10,000 rpm).
- the opportunity to optimize the functionality of the model based on their mechanical and electronic customer requirements.

Cooperation in a project that works well is the result we should be proud of even if the name of the trademark does not appear abroad.

To satisfy all the variety of application fields at the Eltra-trade catalog you will find the full range of Eltra encoders: absolute rotary encoders, incremental rotary encoders, linear transducers.