Omron frequency inverter


Japanese corporation Omron during a long time is one of leaders in the manufacture of devices for industrial automation. Frequency converters produced by the company are very popular in the world for its accuracy and durability.

Omron frequency convertrer

The frequency inverter is a special device, which can monitor and control the torque and speed of motor rotations. Device changes frequency of the network and so it can regulate rotation speed of rotor.

Such device can provide significant power savings and also protect engine against overheating and overloads.
Driver is a very important automation system`s element, therefore company always carefully monitor it`s quality.

Omron frequency inverter advantages

Converters from the producer have many special installed functions. That benefit increase popularity of Omron equipment in global market. All brand`s models have following advantages:

  1.  Efficiency. Energy saving function, it can save from 5 to 30% of power.
  2.  Installed PID controller. It`s special device that allows to track and manage entire work process. Used in tandem with feedback sensor.
  3.  Resonance self-prevention. The device can bypass dangerous frequencies when resonance occurs in mechanical equipment.
  4.  Rollover protection. It`s active during acceleration, main operation and deceleration modes. To avoid overload the protection allows device to operate at lower than usual speeds. 

For some cases, also additional protection is mounting on the equipment.

Omron frequency transducer series

Producer manufacture wide range of main models, additional boards and drive modules. It allows company to cover a significant part of the global market needs.
Main series of frequency converters manufactured by Omron include:

  •  J1000. A series of inverters designed for work in conveyors, pumping and ventilation systems.
  •  MX2 (3G3MX2). Series with compact design. Vector control system involved in devices. Suitable to work with synchronous and asynchronous motors. Ensures safe and efficient starting.
  •  RX (3G3RX). Series of universal drives with possibility of wide customization tasks. Device can work in vector and scalar modes. Special protection from electromagnetic interference are installed.
  •  LX (3G3LX) Series of frequency converters designed to control gear and elevator mechanisms.
  •  SX. Inverters designed for operation with devices, which require a high level of power. 
  •  JX (3G3JX). Compact devices with built-in protection against radio interference. 
  •  V1000. Drives with a unique degree of reliability. That equipment can work more than 10 years without repair.
  •  L1000A. Series are created to work with lifting equipment like asynchronous and permanent magnet motors. With low installation requirements. 

In general, Omron converters have been successfully operating for several decades in elevator, pump, ventilation systems, etc. in whole world. On our website you can find some brand`s frequency inverter models.

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