Schneider Electric Altivar 312: the most suitable device for simple production mechanisms


The Schneider Electric Drive is just one of a thousand products sold by the largest manufacturer in its field. This French enterprise, whose structure includes several related businesses, began operations in the thirties of the last century, but the real breakthrough happened only in the eighties.

Schneider Electric provides solutions for various types of tasks related to power control in the fields of power engineering, construction, infrastructure and data processing. 
At the same time, the producer does not limit its specialization, on the contrary, expanding the assortment. Now the company is engaged in the production of devices for automation and electrical products. 
The main task of Schneider is to provide the ability to manage technological processes in an efficient but reliable, safe, and environmentally friendly way.

Schneider Electric Altivar 312

The frequency converter ATV 312 is designed for asynchronous motors with power 15 kW. This model is compact, easy to use and reliable in operation. Altivar 312 works with most automation devices, and it is easy to put it into operation.

ATV 312 benefits:

  • a whole range of opportunities for entering, adjusting and saving drive settings using So Move technology (including phones), remote terminals, bootloader (including multi);
  • adaptability to communication networks through the use of communication cards;
  • enhanced communication devices;
  • simplified interface, that assumes the ability to configure the device via a mobile phone, as well as an intuitive menu and the ability to control the drive through the converter terminal;
  • small size;
  • simplicity of introduction in use and low maintenance.

Where to use frequency converter:

As already noted above, ATV312 is suitable for simple production mechanisms, which include:

  • equipment for transportation (for example, small size conveyors or electrotrails);
  • packing equipment;
  • various mixers, textile machines.

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