3-Phase squirrel cage motor. M3BP 112MB 4

Cast Iron Motor. Output power 15kW, enclosure protection IP55.

3-Phase squirrel cage motor

ABB low voltage Cast Iron Motor with high level of efficieny.  4 poles, output power 55 kW and input voltage 400-460 V.

M3BP 250 SMA 4,TEFC, 3-phase, squirrel cage induction motor

M3BP 315 SMC 4 Motor

M3BP; BP Cast iron motor; D; 4 poles; IMB3 IM1001

3-Phase squirrel cage motor

The ABB motor in aluminum General Performance

The ABB motor in aluminum General Performance 4kW 230 / 400V, IE2, 4P, mounting B5

The asynchronous electric motor of general purpose power 5.5 kW.

The asynchronous electric motor of general purpose power 7.5 kW.

Low voltage ABB AC Cast Iron Motors. High efficiency class IE2.

3-Phase squirrel cage motor

Low voltage process performance cast iron motor with high efficiency level and cast iron material.

IE2 Process performance cast iron motors.

Line of low voltage cast iron motors of process performance cuse with efficiency class IE2. This category relate to electric motors for industrial use and have three-phase and squirrel-cage totally enclosed rotor.

IE2 motors have rated output power 0.25 ... 1000kW and high efficiency class due to innovative design characteristics.

Other prominent features of IE2 motors are reliability and safety. They have high protection of motor in low voltage installations. Manufacturing of all motors was carried out with international standards conformity (EN and IEC).

Design of IE2 motors was created with advanced technology. All of them can match with any of ABB low voltage equipment. Also they have a lot of possibilities thanks to large spectrum of options and may content any customer demands. For better customization there are different frame sizes and types of IE2 motors.

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