ABB ACS150-01E micro drive

Output Current4.7 A
Nominal Output Power0.75 kW1.0 Hp
TypeFrequency converter
Weight1.4 kg
Output Current6.7 A
Nominal Output Power1.1 kW1.5 Hp
TypeFrequency converter
Weight1.4 kg
Output Current7.5 A
Nominal Output Power1.5 kW2 Hp
TypeFrequency converter
Weight1.7 kg
Output Current9.8 A
Nominal Output Power2.2 kW3 Hp
TypeFrequency converter
Weight1.8 kg
Output Current2.4 A
Nominal Output Power0.37 kW0.5 Hp
TypeFrequency converter
Weight1.2 kg

ACS150-01e is line of ABB micro drives. It is intended for control of low-voltage asynchronous electric motors (AC) in simple applications, not requiring accurate control of the moment, speed or some external process variable, but allowing for work with different types of load. They have one phase and power from 200 to 240 V, frequency 50Hz and EMC Filter.

ACS150-01E frequency converter is applicable in such fields as pumps, ventilators, gates control, processing of metals, conveyers and etc.

The main features and advantages of ACS150 01E:
- The possibility of purchase within the actuators through a large number of distributors. Rapid and reliable delivery is thus provided with good technical support in any country of the world.
- Inbuilt control panel and potentiometer. Advantage of this property is an economy of time.
- Wide opportunities for installation. The same drive can be used in different projects with diminishing of expenses on setting and installation time.
- PID regulation gives enhanceable indexes on the output of drive, stability and accuracy.
- EMC filter provides low EMC radiation in all environments.
- Brake chopper as standard provides the economy of place and diminishing of expenses on setting of equipment.
- Possibility of the use of Flashdrop for putting into an operation. It is a rapid, safe and practically faultless method of tuning of parameters of drive, does not require power supply. It is patented.
-Varnish covered Boards reduce the amount of works on service due to good defense of electronic components

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