ABB ACS150-01U

Component drives of ABB ACS150 answer the requirements of clients, producers of machinery and manufacturers of panel equipment. ACS150-01U drives can be purchased from most distributors of ABB equipment. Component drives are simple in a selection and possess the wide range of intrinsic functions in standard execution such as PID- regulation, inbuilt brake chopper, built-in control panel and potentiometer for adjusting of speed.

ACS150-01U are produced with one phase, power 200 .. 240V and 60 Hz. They don’t have EMC Filter.

Acs150 01U allows improving adjusting of motor speed in most applications:
- In mixers drives provide a high starting torque which improves the start of mixer.
- In conveyors speed of strap can be regulated by the drive of control engine.
- Heat-pump consists of evaporator with heat exchanger, compressor and condenser with heat exchanger and are devices for the transfer thermal energy from the source to the consumer. The transmission of heat is produced by working fluid – refrigerant, circulating in the internal loop. The system works as a caldron at heating and as a conditioner at cooling.
- Fans are used for ventilation and cooling in commercial, industrial and dwellings buildings.