ABB ACS150-03U

ABB ACS150-03U frequency converters was disigned for such applications as ventilators, mixers, conveyers or pumps. These compact drives are simple in a selection and possess the wide range of intrinsic functions in standard execution: PID-regulator, brake module, control panel, potentiometer (for speed control), input/output chokes and FlashDrop Device.

Their main characteristics are:  three phases with power 200 .. 240 V, three phases with power 380 .. 480 V, Frequency 60 Hz.

Advantages of ACS150 03U:
- Drives are widely widespread. They have excellent global network of service and support, which  is one of the largest in industry.
- Clear the alphanumeric display which is simple in tuning and exploitation.
- High electromagnetic compatibility of the drive.
- There is no need to use an external brake chopper.
- Assembling on DIN rail or by screw-bolts, the lateral mounting or mounting side-oh-side.
- Speed-up and simplified tuning and putting into an operation. It is important for a mass production and technical service. Flashdrop can load parameters in the de-energized drive, a device also can copy parameters from one drive in other and to unload parameters in PC.
- Regulates the productivity of drive in accordance with the requirements of technological process.
- Coverage varnish allows to protect electronics from harmful influences, including static  electricity and admixtures, contained in mid air, including from condensation.