ABB ACS800-37

ACS800-37 is line of single ABB cabinet-built drives with low harmonics.

Single ABB ACS800 drives are full-featured drives of alternating current, which can be can be installed without any additional cabinet or enclosures. There are single drives of a wall-mounting, floor and cabinet-built drives. Single drives have protection class not lower IP21. Housing with a higher protection degree are available as additional equipment.

Low harmonic ABB ACS800 37 drives offer a simple solution to reduce the level of harmonics entering the mains supply. The device that provides suppression of harmonics acts together with a drive and does not require additional filters or difficult multipulse systems with the use of the special transformers.
Cabinet-built ACS800 37 drive provides low harmonic during work in the range of powers 37 - 2700 kW. He possesses unique facilities of suppression of harmonic that are built-in directly in a drive.

A drive has built-in active rectifier and network filter, suppressing harmonics. A result is an extraordinarily low level of harmonics, given out in a network, with a total harmonic distortion of current of less than 5,0 %. It is less than allowed by the IEEE519 standard even in the weakest network. Application of ACS800-37 drive is simple and compact decision that appropriate stringent quality standards of electricity.

ACS800-37 drives provide a wide variety of standardized configurations adapted to the requirements of different applications.

The drive has wide set of the built standard and additional equipment. Conception of the intellectual module simplifies technical service and provides redundancy in the range of large capacities. Classes of protection are IP22, IP42, IP21, IP54R and IP54.

Benefits of ACS800-37 drives:
- compact design;
- active rectifier;
- built-in harmonic filter;
- EMC filter for 2 conditions;
- main switch with fuses aR (sizes R6 R8i);
- supply contactor (sizes R6 R8i);
- pull-out air circuit breaker (size nxR8i)
- du/dt filters (standard accessory for size nxR8i);
- common mode noise filter for the protection of motor bearings (size R7i nxR8i);
- circuit board coating;
- programmable inputs/outputs;
- cooling fan and capacitors with a long service life;
- control inputs with galvanic isolation;
- internal slots for expansion modules of inputs/output and Fieldbus.

Full range of ACS800-37 you can find HERE