IFM Electronic Dialogue modules | displays

Dialog modules are devices that allow two-way communication between a switch and another device. They have a display with graphic capabilities and are programmed in accordance with the IEC61131 standard.
Most machines are operated by people. The machine states must be indicated, and the operator input data must be processed. Depending on the size and complexity of the machine modern dialogue modules with text displays or full-color displays and various working fields are used. In one device they provide all the functions that, in the case of a conventional design, can be realized only through a laborious and expensive installation and the connection of individual components.

Thanks to the individual programming of the dialog modules the user sees the information important for him depending on the situation. Due to this situationdependent display the control panel has a clearer structure and the operator can concentrate on the current work functions. Maintenance personnel use dialogue modules too as an intelligent access to the operating machine. For example, special startup screens that can be protected wih a password and than used to directl changing of machine parameters or read operating data stored since the last maintenance.

The main specifications of IFM Electronic dialog modules / displays:
-Monochrome or color displays with graphical capabilities and controls.
-Programmable (IEC 61131-3) with visualization of the purpose of CoDeSys.
-Closed durable metal housing for surface and panel mounting.
-CAN with CANopen, SAE J1939 or free protocol.
For dialogue modules IFM Electronic offers a variety of user interfaces that will provide convenience in working with the device.