EMOTRON Softstarters

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Emotron MSF017. Softastarter for motors of 11 KW.

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Emotron MSF030. Softastarter for motors of 18 KW.

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Emotron MSF085. Softastarter for motors of 45 KW.

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Soft starter

Emotron MSF-570 MSF 2.0 full- function soft starters for 400 kW engines

The soft starter today seems almost a perfect replacement of starter contactor and autotransformer, which are used for starting of asynchronous electric motors.
Thyristors with soft starter are mounted in anti-parallel to one of the phases or all.

At the time of the start of the thyristor is opened and the motor is supplied the required voltage. Every thyristor works on its semiwave. After achievement of basic value of tension of electric motor thyristors remain opened or shunt.

As thyristors are in-process only in the moment of starting, total current, the total current flowing through them is lower than when it is permanently on. Accordingly thyristors will have less power. As a result is an economy. Also, this system more durable (because the mechanical system is less than the semiconductor) in comparison with the use of contactors.

As compared to a transistor device (frequency converter) soft starter (thyristor device) costs considerably cheaper, and if you use only one or two phases (as it is done by many producers), a price becomes yet more attractive.

The Emotron offers a few series of softstarters:
- Emotron MSF 2.0. They have power range 7,5 – 800 kW (400V) and 15 - 1600 kW (690V). include a complete set of functions to control start/stop and and very easy to use.
- Emotron TSA. They are thyristor devices, using advanced control technology of torque during start and stop of the motor. They are widely used for starting and control of equipment such as pumps, fans, compressors, vozdukhoduvki, blowers, crushers, mixers etc.

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