IFM Electronic Systems for oil quality monitoring

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Optical particle monitor, DC, Measuring principle: light extinction principle, Cleanliness level to ISO 4406:99 / SAE AS4059E , Size channels [µm]: 4, 6, 14, 21, CAN interface, Connector, Out 1: analogue (4...20 mA), Out 2: switching output (open collector output)

Continuous oil condition monitoring from IFM Electronic implicates:

-Analysis of particle concentration for trend monitoring
-Displays the cleanliness levels according to ISO 4406:99 or SAE AS4059E
-Robust aluminium die-cast housing for operating with pressures of up to 420 bar
-Intensely illuminated graphic display, intuitive push-button set-up
-CAN-Bus, analogue and switching outputs

LDP100 monitors the degree of cleanliness or the level of contamination in fluids. Compatible media are mineral oils, ester oils and biodegradable oils.
The integrated data memory allows data recording over a longer period. The LCD display indicates the cleanliness level.

The optical particle monitor LDP100 operates according to the light extinction principle. The changes to light intensity of a laser beam caused by particles in the medium flowing through the measurement cell are detected by a photo detector. The calibration is made in accordance with ISO 11943.

On the fluid side the LDP100 is equipped with two Minimess connections with which the unit can be mounted in the off-line circuit of the oil cycle. The electrical connection is installed using an 8-pole M12-plug.

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