Schneider Electric Measurement and communication modules

Product or component typePocket battery
Accessory / separate part categorySupport accessory
Sustainable offer statusNot Green Premium product
RoHS (date code: YYWW)Compliant - since 0650 - print Schneider Electric declaration of conformity
REAChReference not containing SVHC above the threshold

107.37 EUR

Front display module

Device short nameFDM121
Range compatibilityPowerPact Multistandard
Masterpact NT
Masterpact NW
PowerPact H
PowerPact J
PowerPact L
PowerPact P
PowerPact R
Compact NS
Compact NSX
Product compatibilityCompact NS630b...1600
Compact NS1600b...3200
Compact NSX100...250
Compact NSX400...630
Function of moduleRemote control
Display alarm
View network
Control typeRemote control

3.30 EUR

Mounting support for FDM

Product or component typeDisplay mounting support
Accessory / separate part categoryMounting accessory
Range compatibilityPowerPact circuit breaker
Masterpact - Masterpact NT circuit breaker
Compact - Compact NSX circuit breaker
Masterpact - Masterpact NW circuit breaker
Compact - Compact NS circuit breaker
Device short nameFDM mounting accessory (diameter 22 mm)
Mounting modeBy screws

Product or component typeCase
Accessory / separate part categoryMaintenance accessory
Provided equipmentPower supply
USB maintenance interface
USB cord
RJ45/RJ45 male cord
Microligic cord
Sustainable offer statusNot Green Premium product
RoHS (date code: YYWW)Will not be Compliant