Sick UC30-214163

Ultrasonic sensors
Sick UC30-214163
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Part Number6054712
Response time :180 ms
Output time:43 ms
Multifunctional input (MF):1 x MF
Repeatability :± 0.15 %
Temperature compensation:+
Enclosure rating:IP 67
Accuracy :± 1 %
Connection type:Male connector, M12, 5-pin
Housing material:PBT
ultrasonic transducer: polyurethane foam, glass epoxy resin
Working range, limiting range:350 mm ... 3,400 mm, 5,000 mm
Power consumption :≤ 1.2 W
Initialization time:< 450 ms
Additional function:Teach-in of analog output
Automatic selection of analog current or voltage output
Temperature compensation
Synchronization of up to 10 sensors
Multiplexing: no cross talk of up to 10 sensors
Set measurement filters: value filter, filter strength, adjustable sensitivity, foreground suppression and detection area
Reset to factory default
Scaling of analog outputs
Invertible analog output
Functions may vary depending on sensor type
Detection area (typical):See diagrams
Supply voltage Vs :DC 9 V ... 30 V
Resolution:≤ 0.18 mm
Indication:2 x LED
Sending axis:Straight
Protection class:III
Ultrasonic frequency (typical):120 kHz
Ambient temperature:Operation: -25 ... +70 °C
Storage: -40 ... +85 °C
Weight:180 g
Resolution analog output:12 bit
Analog output :1 x 0 V ... 10 V (≥ 100 k&;937;), 1 x 4 mA ... 20 mA (≤ 500 &;937;)
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