Sick UM18-20012

Ultrasonic sensors
Sick UM18-20012
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Part Number6025670
Control input:1 x
Ambient temperature:Operation: +5 ... +60 °C
Storage: -40 ... +85 °C
Ultrasonic frequency (typical):400 kHz
Power consumption :≤ 1.35 W
Housing material:Nickel-plated brass
Blind zone:7 mm from sender and receiver
Initialization time:< 300 ms
Weight:280 g
Supply voltage Vs :DC 20 V ... 30 V
Permissible angle deviation:± 45 ° perpendicular to sheet
Enclosure rating:IP 67
Connection type:Connection cable: 5-pin, 2 m, PVC
Sender: cable with connector, 2-pin, 1 m, PVC
Receiver: cable with connector, 2-pin, 1.2 m, PVC
Detectable material:Metal-laminated sheets and films: ≤0.4 mm, Paper grams per square meter: 20 ... 1,200 g/m², Self-adhesive films, metal sheets: ≤0.3 mm, Corrugated cardboard: single wall F, N and G flute sizes:
Design:Cylindrical, M18
Off delay:10 ms
Installation distance:37 mm ... 43 mm
Indication:1 x dual LED
Response time:2.5 ms / 6.5 ms
Switching output :2 x PNP (500 mA)
Resolution:Double sheets not completely glued together
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