Positioners SIPART PS2
Siemens 6DR5020-0NG01-0AA0
944.31 EUR

SIPART PS2 smart electropneumatic positioner for pneumatic linear and part-turn actuators; 2-wire; 4...20mA; single action; Enclosure Makrolon

The main characteristics of 6DR5020-0NG01-0AA0:

Product family SIPART PS2;

Product Lifecycle (PLM) PM300: Active Product;

Net Weight (kg): 0.900 Kg;

Quantity Unit: 1 piece;

Packaging Quantity: 1;

Commodity Code: 90328100;

LKZ_FDB/ CatalogID: FI01-5;

Product Group: 4759;

Country of origin: France.

Range of SIPART PS2 smart positioners are electropneumatic and intended for part-turn and pneumatic linear actuators. 
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