ABB ACS800-104LC-0220-5 68768837

ACS800-104/-104LC module
ABB ACS800-104LC-0220-5 68768837
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Weight85 kg
Dimensions880 mm x 475 mm x 210 mm
Produced inFinland Estonia
Сustoms Tariff Code85044088

The ACS800-104LC are 3-phase inverter modules. The ABB modules have power ranges from 1,1... 2900 kW and are very supple for building into the client cabinet. They can be parallel connected to produce higher powers. The degree of protection is IP00. The inverter modules include fast connectors and auto regulatory cooling fan. Other significant features are fast connectors conducive to easy motor cabling. Accessible as air and fluid-cooled version. The inverter modules include capacitors that help DC bus bars smoothing the voltage.

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