ABB ACS880-01-17A7-3+N7502

ACS880-01 single drive
ABB ACS880-01-17A7-3+N7502
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Produced inFinland
Сustoms Tariff Code85044088
TypeFrequency Converter

By making use of ACS880-01-17A7-3+N7502, work can be done quick and simple. Various industries can make the most of low voltage AC drives.

ABB ACS880-01 is a single wall-mounted drive. The power range of this drive series is from 0.55 to 250 kW. They are flexible, compatible and simple in use. As well, one of their benefits is compactness, which allows saving installation space. There are many extra built-in options and functions such as EMC filter, brake chopper, etc. Standard enclosure classes: IP 21, IP20 and IP55. ABB ACS880-01 drives have a direct torque control function that allows controlling of AC motors (including synchronous reluctance and permanent magnet motors). High flexibility of these drives is secure by a wide range of outer and internal options and also by universal connectivity. That is why these series can be used in various industries, for example, mining metals, oil and gas, pulp and paper, etc.

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