Eltra ER63D1024S5L10X6PR

Incremental solid shaft encoder
Eltra ER63D1024S5L10X6PR
105.00 EUR

Incremental encoder with solid shaft optical.
For support of radial and axial shaft load.

  • Size: 63mm.

  • Centering square flange: 31,75 mm.

  • Resolution: 1024 ppr.

  • without zero pulse.

  • Power Supply: 5 V DC.

  • Electronic interface: line driver.

  • Shaft diameter: 10mm.

  • Enclosure rating: IP 54.

  • Rotation speed: 6000 rpm max.

  • Cable output with standard length (1,5 m).

  • Radial direction type.

Series is recommended for for industrial applications with high mechanical resistance requirements. It can be mounted by means of flanges or servo-fasteners.