Pepperl+Fuchs KC-EMV-Y38624

EMC filter
Pepperl+Fuchs KC-EMV-Y38624
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Appropriate typeKC-EMV-Y38624
Storage temperature-25 ... 100 В°C (-13 ... 212 В°F)
Effective internal capacitancemax. 40 nF
ATEX marking II 2G EEx ia IIC T6
Mass60 g
Connectionterminals 5+, 6- , max. 16 V DC
Maximum permissible ambient temperatureThe temperature ranges, according to temperature class, are given in the EC-Type Examination Certificate.
CE marking[*PD-Z02585A*]
StandardsEN 50014:1997, EN 50020:1994
Ignition protection ""Intrinsic safety""
Use is restricted to the following stated conditions
Use in the hazardous areasee instruction manuals
Ambient temperature-25 ... 100 В°C (-13 ... 212 В°F)
Connectionterminals 1+, 2- Terminal 4/FE/PA
Dimensions20 mm x 60 mm x 40 mm
Effective internal inductancemax. 600 µH
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