Pepperl+Fuchs LD28/LV28-F1/76a/82b/110/115 Thru-beam sensor

Pepperl+Fuchs LD28/LV28-F1/76a/82b/110/115
Item Number: LD28/LV28-F1/76a/82b/110/115
  • Universal series with highly versatile fields of use
  • Resistant against noise: reliable operation under all conditions
  • Highly visible LED as alignment aid in receiver optics
  • Emitter with test input
  • Version with red light
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Mass140 g (emitter and receiver)
Control elementssensitivity adjustment (Adjustment to < 25% of the effective operating range) , Light-on/dark-on changeover switch
Degree of protectionIP67
MTTFd620 a
Switching voltagemax. 30 V DC
Diameter of the light spotapprox. 0.6 m at 30 m
Switching typelight/dark on, switchable
Housing width25.8 mm
Threshold detection range40 m
Housing depth54.3 mm
Signal output1 push-pull (4 in 1) output, short-circuit protected, reverse polarity protected
Function indicatorLED yellow:
1. LED lit constantly: signal > 2 x switching point (function reserve)
2. LED flashes: signal between 1 x switching point and 2 x switching point
3. LED off: signal < switching point
Product standardEN 60947-5-2
Light sourceLED
Alignment aidLED red (in receiver lens)
illuminated constantly: beam is interrupted,
flashes: reaching switching point,
off: sufficient stability control
Diagnostic Coverage (DC)90 %
CCC approvalCCC approval / marking not required for products rated 36 V
Response time0.5 ms
Ambient light limit50000 Lux
Operating voltage10 ... 30 V DC
Ambient temperature-40 ... 60 В°C (-40 ... 140 В°F)
Operation indicatorLED green
Pre-fault indication output1 PNP transistor, short-circuit protected, protected from reverse polarity, open collector, Umax = 30 V DC, Imax = 0.2 A
The output becomes inactive if the signal level has fallen below the function reserve for approx. 10 s (yellow and red LEDs flash).
If the light beam is interrupted four times during this period, the output immediately becomes inactive.
No-load supply currentEmitter: 50 mA
Receiver: 35 mA
Transmitter frequencyF1 = 25 kHz
Angle of divergenceEmitter 1.2В°,
Receiver 5В°
Protection classII, rated voltage 250 V AC with pollution degree 1-2 according to IEC 60664-1
Storage temperature-40 ... 75 В°C (-40 ... 167 В°F)
Connection2.5 m, 5-wire, fixed cable, Euronorm
Light typemodulated visible red light , 660 nm
Mission Time (TM)20 a
Effective detection range0 ... 30 m
Housing height88 mm
Switching currentmax. 100 mA
Switching frequency1000 Hz
Ripple10 %
UL approvalcULus Listed , Class 2 power source
Test inputemitter deactivation at +UB (Imax. < 3 mA at 30 V DC)


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