Pepperl+Fuchs LVL-M1H

Vibration Limit Switch
Pepperl+Fuchs LVL-M1H
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Surge protectionelectronic insert FEL51 (AC), electronic insert FEL52 (E5), electronic insert FEL54 (WA), electronic insert FEL55 (SI): overvoltage category III
Supplementary documentationtechnical information (TI)
manuals, brief instructions (BA, KA)
instruction manuals (SI)
control drawings (ZD)
Measured variablelimit level (limit value)
Function principlelimit detection
Maximum or minimum detection in tanks or pipelines containing all types of liquids including use in explosion hazardous areas. Particularly suited to very aggressive liquids thanks to high degree of corrosion protection.
Influence of medium pressuremax. 0 ... -2.5 mm (-1 ... 64 bar)
Non-repeatability0.1 mm
Mass700 g , basic weight: compact sensor, electronic insert, stainless steel housing, process connection G2*, additional weight is dependent on extension tube, housing and process connection
process connections:
- A31 1000 g, A41 1200 g, A51 1500 g, A6* 2400 g, A81 4900 g, A91 7000 g
- C45 1400 g, C51 1200 g, C71 1600 g, C75 3200 g, C95 5900 g, CA3 5600 g
- D75 3200 g, D7A 300 g, D7D 300 g, D95 5900 g, DA3 5600 g
- F45 1400 g, F51 1200 g, F55 2000 g, F61 1400 g, F65 2400 g, F71 1600 g, F75 3200 g,
F81 2400 g, F85 4300 g, F93 4800 g, F95 5900 g, FA3 5600 g, FA5 7500 g
- G3E 200 g
- J13 no information, J16 no information, J17 1700 g, J19 no information, J1A no information, J1C 1700 g
- R*R no information
- S13 300 g, S61 200 g, SV1 no information
- T51 no information, T61 100 g
temperature spacer, flameproof bushing:
- I* 600 g, Q* 700 g
Surface qualityRa < 1.5 andmicro;m/120 grit: length, spacer, bushings *C
Ra < 0.3 andmicro;m/320 grit: length, spacer, bushings *D
Overspill protectionsee approval (ZE)
CSA approvalsee control drawings (ZD)
Dimensionshousing: diameter max. 85 mm, height max. 173 mm
temperature separator, flameproof bushing: additional length L 140 mm
process connection: length L 55.5 ... 80 mm
extension: any length L from 148 ... 3000 mm, larger sizes on request
extension: length type II, for vertical installation from above same switching point as
Vibracon LVL1, LVL2
vibration fork: width 17.5 mm, fork width 10 mm, length 25 mm
SIL classificationup to SIL2 acc. to IEC 61508
Medium densityadjustment on the electronic insert > 0,5 g/cm3 or > 0,7 g/cm3 (other on request)
EU-Type Examination Certificatesee instruction manuals (SI)
Switching pointsee section switch point
Process connection- cylindrical thread G3/4A, G1A to DIN ISO 228/1 with flat seal to DIN 7603
- conical thread R3/4, R1 to DIN 2999, part 1
- flush-mounted with welding sleeve to factory standard (G3/4A, G1A)
- flush-mounted with welding neck to factory standard (1 inch), sensor can be positioned
- Triclamp 1-1/2 inch, 2 inch to ISO 2852
- threaded pipe joint DN32, DN40, DN50 to DIN 1185
- aseptic connection DN50 to DIN 11864-1 form A for pipe DIN 11850
- SMS connection 2 inch (DN51)
- DRD flange, 65 mm
- VariventВ DN50 (50/40) to factory standard Tuchenhagen
- flanges to EN 1092-1 from DN25, to ANSI B 16.5 from 1 inch, to JIS B 2238 (RF) from DN25
For further information see type code.
Display elementselectronic inserts:
- electronic inserts FEL50 A (PA), FEL58 (N2): green LED, yellow LED
- electronic inserts FEL51 (AC), FEL52 (E5), FEL54 (WA), FEL55 (SI), FEL56 (N1): green LED, red LED
compact housings:
compact housing with valve connector
- electronic version FEL51 (AC), FEL52 (E5): green LED, red LED
- electronic version FEL58 (N2): green LED, yellow LED
compact housing with M12 x 1 round connector without LEDs
- electronic version FEL52 (E5): green LED, yellow LED, red LED
- electronic version FEL58 (N2): green LED, yellow LED
compact housing with M12 x 1 round connector with LEDs
- electronic version FEL52 (E5): green LED, two yellow LEDs
Current consumptionelectronic insert FEL52 (E5): max. 15 mA
IECEx approvalsee instruction manuals (SI)
Storage temperature-50 ... 80 В°C (-58 ... 176 В°F)
Power consumptionelectronic insert FEL52 (E5): max. 0.83 W
electronic insert FEL54 (WA): max. 1.3 W
Electromagnetic compatibilityNE 21
Maximum measured errormax. В± 1 mm, specified by mounting position
Switch behaviourswitch-over for minimum/maximum residual current safety on electronic insert
MAX = maximum safety:
The output switches to the power fail response when the fork is covered.
for use with overspill protection for example
MIN = minimum safety:
The output switches to the power fail response when the fork is exposed.
for use with dry running protection for example
When switching on the power supply the output assumes the alarm signal. After max. 2 s it assumes the correct switching mode.
Connectionelectronic inserts: cross section max. 2.5 mm2, lace in end splice in acc. with DIN 46228
ground lead in housing: cross section max. 2.5 mm2
external equipotential bonding: cross section 4 mm2
Hysteresisapprox. 2 mm
Materialwetted parts:
- process connection: 1.4435/316L
- vibration fork: 1.4435/316L
- flat seal for process connection G2* or G3*: elastomer fibre, asbestos-free
- polyester housing: PBT-FR with PBT-FR cover or with PA12 cover with sight glass, cover seal: EPDM
- stainless steel housing: 1.4435/316L, cover seal: silicone
- aluminum housing: EN-AC-AlSi10Mg, plastic-coated, cover seal: EPDM
- compact housing with valve connector or M12 connector: 1.4435/316L
cable gland: polyamide or brass, nickel-plated
temperature spacer: 1.4435/316L
flameproof bushing: 1.4435/316L
FM approvalsee control drawings (ZD)
Reference operating conditionsambient temperature: 23 В°C (73.4 В°F), medium temperature: 23 В°C (73.4 В°F),
product density: 1 g/cm3 (water), viscosity: 1 mm2/s, medium pressure pe: 0 bar,
sensor mounting: vertical from above, density switch: to > 0.7 g/cm3
Rated voltageelectronic insert FEL50A (PA): 9 ... 32 V DC
electronic insert FEL51 (AC): 253 V AC, 50/60 Hz
electronic insert FEL52 (E5): 10 ... 55 V DC
electronic insert FEL54 (WA): 19 ... 253 V AC, 50/60 Hz or 19 ... 55 V DC
electronic insert FEL55 (SI): 11 ... 36 V DC, PLC
electronic insert FEL56 (N1), FEL58 (N2): isolating amplifier acc. to EN 60947-5-6 (NAMUR)
Measurement rangedepends on mounting point and pipe extension up to 3000 mm , larger sizes on request
Vibration resistanceEN 60068-2-6
Degree of protectionIEC 60529
Switching delaywhen fork is covered: approx. 0.5 s, when fork is exposed: approx. 1.0 s (other switching times on request)
additionally configurable for PROFIBUS PA (electronic insert FEL50A (PA)): 0.5 ... 60 s
Control elementselectronic insert FEL50A (PA): 8 switches for device address setting
electronic inserts FEL51 (AC), FEL52 (E5), FEL54 (WA), FEL55 (SI), FEL56 (N1): two switches for fail-safe mode and density change
electronic insert FEL58 (N2): two switches for fail-safe mode and density change and one test button interrupts lead
Designationsee technical information (TI)
Construction typedevice with extension tube
Climate classDIN EN 60068-2-38/IEC 68-2-38
Function testcompact housing: function test with test magnet
electronic versions FEL51 (AC), FEL52 (E5) and FEL58 (N2): During the test, the current state of the electronic switch is reversed.
Influence of medium densitymax. +4.8 ... -3.5 mm (0.5 ... 1.5 g/cm3)
Measuring methodThe forks of the sensors vibrate at their intrinsic frequency. This frequency is reduced when covered with liquid.
The change in frequency then activates the limit switch.
Degree of protectionpolyester, steel, and aluminum housing: IP66/IP67
compact housing:
- IP65 with valve connector PG11 or 1/2NPT
- IP66/IP68 with M12 x 1 connector without LEDs (1.4435/316L)
- IP69K with M12 x 1 connector with LEDs (1.4435/316L)
Supplementary informationEC-Type Examination Certificate, Statement of Conformity, Declaration of Conformity, Attestation of Conformity and instructions have to be observed where applicable. For information see
Vibration resistance10 ... 50 Hz, 0.15 mm, 100 cycles
Ambient temperature-50 ... 70 В°C (-58 ... 158 В°F) , function with reduced data values
see section ambient temperature
Influence of medium temperaturemax. +1.4 ... -2.8 mm (-40 ... 150 В°C (-40 ... 302 В°F))
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