Pepperl+Fuchs M-LB-Ex-5214

Protection Module
Pepperl+Fuchs M-LB-Ex-5214
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Surge protective devices for low voltageEN 61643-21:2001+A1:2009+A2:2013
IEC 61643-21:2001+A1:2008+A2:2012
Relative humiditymax. 95 % , without condensation
Display elementsLED PWR (power supply), green LED
LED FLT (fault signal), red LED
LED CHK (maintenance signal), yellow LED
Degree of protectionIP20
Impulse discharge current (10/350 micro/s)1 kA per line (2x)
Supplementary informationObserve the certificates, declarations of conformity, instruction manuals, and manuals where applicable. For information see
Massapprox. 20 g
Voltage protection levelmax. 12 V line-line for nominal discharge current In
max. 31 V line-earth for nominal discharge current In
Signal lines/power supplyreinforced insulation according to IEC/EN 61010-1, rated insulation voltage 300 Veff
Impulse rating1 kV/0.5 kA (category C1)
10 kV/5 kA (category C2)
1 kA (category D1)
Current 8 mA
Total discharge current (8/20 micro/s)20 kA (1x)
Degree of protectionIEC 60529:2013
Leakage current< 10 andmicro;A at 1 V and 25 В°C (77 В°F) , line-line
Connectionvia Universal Power Rail M-UPR-03-S
Ambient temperature-40 ... 60 В°C (-40 ... 140 В°F)
Observe the temperature range limited by derating, see section derating.
Insertion loss 0.05 dB, at 0 ... 4 kHz, in 600 andOmega;-System
3 dB, at 0 ... 350 kHz, in 100 andOmega;-System
Number of protected signal lines2
Storage temperature-40 ... 85 В°C (-40 ... 185 В°F)
Nominal voltagesee power feed module M-LB-5300
Series resistance 0.5 andOmega; per line at 25 В°C (77 В°F)
Nominal voltage1 V DC
Safety Integrity Level (SIL)SIL 3
Signal lines/fault indication outputreinforced insulation according to IEC/EN 61010-1, rated insulation voltage 300 Veff
Rated current500 mA , restrictions see derating characteristics
Designationsystem components:
- base module with screw terminals M-LB-Ex-5000
- base module with spring terminals M-LB-Ex-5000.SP
- power feed module M-LB-5300
- fault status module M-LB-5400
- maintenance status module M-LB-5500
- universal power rail M-UPR-03-S
- place holder module M-LB-Ex-5900
- separation wall M-UPR-I
Functional safetyIEC/EN 61508:2010
Mountingpluggable in base module for mounting on 35 mm DIN mounting rail
Status indicationfault and maintenance signal via Universal Power Rail M-UPR-03-S
Maximum continuous operating voltage6 V DC
Dimensions6.2 x 77 x 79 mm
Impulse reset time< 500 ms
Rated surge current (8/20 micro/s)10 kA per line (1x)
Nominal discharge current (8/20 micro/s)5 kA per line (10x)
Connectionprotected area: terminals 3, 4
unprotected area: terminals 1, 2
EU-Type Examination CertificateBVS 17 ATEX E 069 X
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