Pepperl+Fuchs OBE25M-R201-SA5-IO-V1

Thru-beam sensor (pair)
Pepperl+Fuchs OBE25M-R201-SA5-IO-V1
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Housing width15 mm
Light sourceLED
Transfer rateCOM 2 (38.4 kBaud)
Ripplemax. 10 %
Usage categoryDC-12 and DC-13
LED risk group labellingexempt group
Switching currentmax. 100 mA , resistive load
Connection4-pin, M12 x 1 connector, 90В° rotatable
Voltage drop≤ 1.5 V DC
Product standardEN 60947-5-2
CCC approvalCCC approval / marking not required for products rated ≤36 V
Ambient temperature-40 ... 60 В°C (-40 ... 140 В°F)
Degree of protectionIP67 / IP69 / IP69K
Interface typeIO-Link ( via C/Q = pin 4 )
Protection classIII
MTTFd462 a
Alignment aidLED red (in receiver lens)
illuminated constantly: beam is interrupted,
flashes: reaching switching point,
off: sufficient stability control
Control elementsReceiver: sensitivity adjustment
Response time0.5 ms
Angle of divergenceapprox. 2 В°
Mission Time (TM)20 a
Switching typeThe switching type of the sensor is adjustable. The default setting is:
C/Q - Pin4: PNP normally open / dark-on, IO-Link
/Q - Pin2: PNP normally closed / light-on
Switching voltagemax. 30 V DC
Communication interfaceIEC 61131-9
Diameter of the light spotapprox. 850 mm at a distance of 25 m
No-load supply currentEmitter: ≤ 15 mA
Receiver: ≤ 15 mA at 24 V Operating voltage
IO-Link Revision1.1
Control elementsReceiver: light/dark switch
SIO mode supportyes
Test inputemitter deactivation at +UB
UL approvalE87056 , cULus Listed , class 2 power supply , type rating 1
Signal output2 PNP outputs, short-circuit-proof, reverse polarity protection, surge-proof
Diagnostic Coverage (DC)60 %
Device profileIdentification and diagnosis
Smart Sensor:
Receiver: type 2.4
Emitter: -
Operating voltage10 ... 30 V DC
Threshold detection range33 m
MassEmitter: approx. 47 g receiver: approx. 47 g
Device IDEmitter: 0x111411 (1119249)
Receiver: 0x111314 (1118996)
Ambient light limitEN 60947-5-2 : 40000 Lux
Housing height61.7 mm
Effective detection range0 ... 25 m
Process data widthEmitter:
Process data input: 0 bit
Process data output: 1 bit
Process data input: 2 bit
Process data output: 2 bit
Function indicatorYellow LED:
Permanently lit - light path clear
Permanently off - object detected
Flashing (4 Hz) - insufficient operating reserve
Storage temperature-40 ... 70 В°C (-40 ... 158 В°F)
Housing depth41.7 mm
Switching frequency1000 Hz
Operation indicatorLED green:
constantly on - power on
flashing (4Hz) - short circuit
flashing with short break (1 Hz) - IO-Link mode
Compatible master port typeA
Min. cycle time2.3 ms
Light typemodulated visible red light
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