Schneider Electric ATV71EXC2C16Y

Altivar 71
Schneider Electric ATV71EXC2C16Y
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Device short nameATV71 Plus
Product destinationAsynchronous motors
Synchronous motors
Product specific applicationComplex, high-power machines
Assembly styleIn floor-standing enclosure compact version
Product compositionA line choke
ATV71HC16Y drive on heatsink
An IP65 remote mounting kit for graphic display terminal
A switch and fast-acting semi-conductor fuses
A wired ready-assembled Sarel Spacial 6000 enclosure
Terminals/bars for motor connection
EMC filterIntegrated
Network number of phases3 phases
Rated supply voltage(+/- 10 %)
Supply voltage limits621...759 V
Supply frequency50...60 Hz (+/- 5 %)
Network frequency47.5...63 Hz
Motor power kW160 kW for 690 V
Line current163 A for 690 V / 160 kW
Device Full NameSchneider Electric ATV71EXC2C16Y
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