Siemens 1FT7108-5SC71-1CA1 SIMOTICS S 1FT7 Synchronous Servo Motor

Siemens 1FT7108-5SC71-1CA1
Item Number: 1FT7108-5SC71-1CA1
Total price: 5722.11
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Unit NumberSiemens 1FT7108-5SC71-1CA1
Unit Price Category762
Product Group №9693
Product Net Weight64,104 Kg
Item Code85015230
Siemens Device Catalog SectionSD.NC61ST-1FT7
Unit Article NumberBPFPIWL8
Item series1FT7108
Product Life StageActive

Strict quality assurance processes are conducted to every single Siemens 1FT7108-5SC71-1CA1 before being distributed. This guarantees that every unit that a consumer have do not have any defects. Evaluating the quality of the equipment is not only for determining if the equipment is working or not but also to help keep the user away from danger. Its company has already made a name in the industry by creating superior quality of items.

What makes this product a worthy purchase because of the several positive reviews it received from the users. Siemens 1FT7108-5SC71-1CA1 is made for heavy works, and will assure that it will provide exceptional function. The manufacturer of this equipment has put their name on the top board, by offering top quality of products that made them the best choice of many contractor globally.

The new 1FT7105 are very compact standing magnet servomotors with an ergonomic design. Thanks to the safe cross-section and swivel plugs, fast and convenient adjustment servomotors. 1FT7 motors replying to the highest demands on movement, speed diapason and exactness of the shaft and the flange. This series are organized with the most advanced sensors and optimized for working with digital monitoring and drive systems. Tall level of protection provides the ability to work in severe atmosphere use.


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