Siemens 1LE1023-0EB00-2AA4 SIMOTICS GP General Purpose Low Voltage Motors

Siemens 1LE1023-0EB00-2AA4
Item Number: 1LE1023-0EB00-2AA4
Total price: 243.51
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Product NumberSiemens 1LE1023-0EB00-2AA4
Device Life StageActive
Unit series1LE1023
Siemens Device Catalog SectionD81.1-1/IEC
Device Group №5114
Product ID85015220
Unit Price Category3Z1
Product Net Weight16 Kg
Item Code9Y2Q9GIY

Before every Siemens 1LE1023-0EB00-2AA4 is out in the market, strict quality assurance processes are carried out. This ensures that every unit that a consumer have do not have any defects. Assessing the quality of the equipment is crucial because it assures that the equipment will not malfunction, and put the user in grave danger. Its company has already made a name in the industry by supplying high quality of items.

This is actually a great buy given that this product has consistent positive reviews from its users. The durability of this unit makes it possible for the product to withstand heavy duty use. The company behind this product leads the competition because of their superiority in providing excellent quality equipment, making them a top choice of numerous firms globally.

Siemens GP is a multipurpose motor with aluminum corps fitting for a wide band of standard production apply. The construction and internal structure of the electric motors ensure highest adaptability, lowest installation costs and ease of use: one-piece lifting drag, helix feet that can be adjusted in altitude, light available terminal box. The light-weight and wide range of options, they can be used in almost all areas and industries. These motors suited for peculiar environmental conditions, for example at sea, for the chemical and petrochemical manufactures. The wide range of realization includes the following use: compressors, automation, manufacturing industry, pharmaceuticals, processing industry.


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