Siemens 6ES7922-4BD20-0AD0 Simatic Connection

Siemens 6ES7922-4BD20-0AD0
Item Number: 6ES7922-4BD20-0AD0
6ES7922 SERIES Front connector for S7-400, KT10-CA3, 1.51 Kg, Pkg. 25,40x26x8 (cm)
Total price: 120.00
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Unit IDSiemens 6ES7922-4BD20-0AD0
Device Price Category592
Unit Code85444290
Device Net Weight1,51 Kg
Unit family6ES7922
Siemens Device Catalog ChapterKT10-CA3
Unit Life StageActive
Unit Group №9394
Item Package Dimensions (cm)25,40 x 26 x 8

Simatic Connection is a pre-collected module for light connection. Various joints are available: a fully modular compound in conformity with the principle of the building block, a supple coupling using single wires bundled and a general-purpose connection cable. In both event, the result is the same as the contact is established, the compound is set, eliminating springs of errors, and it's ready to work. Error-free and secure wiring, both within and outward the monitoring cabinet, is a significant part in ensuring the availability of your case.


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