Siemens 6RM8081-6DS22-0AA0

SINAMICS DCM DC master converter
Siemens 6RM8081-6DS22-0AA0
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Item IDSiemens 6RM8081-6DS22-0AA0
Device CodeS32DD3IE
Item ID85044082
Item Net Weight320 Kg
Siemens Product Catalog ChapterD23.2LD
Unit series6RM8081
Product Group №4106
Product Price Group3D3
Unit Life StageAvailble only as spare part

The Siemens Sinamics DCM presents an extensible drive device and is therefore appropriate for either standard applications and demanding manufacturing. The DC / DC transducer is organized with a Standard CUD control board for plain closed-loop control. The drives Sinamics DC united body monitoring and adjustment modules with power modules. In this case, the overall sizes of the drive are significantly lessened, which space saving in the cabinet. For standard closed loop applications, the transmitter includes a Standard CUD. This equipment is used with large performance and interface demands; the system can be widened by an additional control board CUD.

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