Siemens 6SE0100-1AH28-0AA7

SINAMICS G180 Low voltage drive
Siemens 6SE0100-1AH28-0AA7
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Device IDSiemens 6SE0100-1AH28-0AA7
Product CodeF0Y6RC2T
Unit Group №5780
Item Net Weight59 Kg
Item Life StageActive
Siemens Item Catalog ChapterD18.1LD
Product ID85044088
Device series6SE0100
Unit Price Group3D2

The G120 frequency converters have a considerable difference from conventional frequency controllers for basic manufactured applications. G120 frequency drive has a modular design and broad functionality. These frequency converters are based on the Power cluster and Control unit. The G120 controllers has built-in safety functions and the capacity to restore energy into the distribution network. The G120 equipment has an advanced chilling device.

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