68840198 ACS800-14-0140-3-0200-7 PM6Y814FANR7U ACS800-67 42000778 ACS800-37-0060-3-0100-7 PM6Y837FANR6 EAM63DR32/256G8/28PPX10X6PDR ACS800-0870-7 2xR8i SD 42002232 ACS800-14-0640-3-1050-7 PM6Y814FAN2R8 ACXR7130 LCL REPAIR KIT 3AUA0000069655 3AUA0000064353 AMXR7210 ACS800-37-0640-3-1050-7 PM3Y837FANACU12R8 64713485 EAM63DR4096/4096G8/28SXX10X6HAR 68501717 68494818 64532545 ACS800-37-0060-3-0100-7 PM3Y837FANR6 ACS800-07-0610-3 IP21 PM6Y80706103 68701767 ACS800-107LC-2370-3-2680-7 PM6Y800LMD4R8U L502+L516 EXCHANGE FREQUENCY CONVER EXC42000975 3AUA0000151926 64646044 ACS800-37-0260-7-0540-7 IF OPTION+E PM6Y837FANSINR87 68840198KONE ACS800-37-1510-7 (IF OPTION +B055) PM6Y837FAN15107 ACS800-207LC-0260-7-0570-7 PM6Y800LISUIR87U ACS880 R9 3AXD50000010152 ACS800-207LC-0240-3-0620-5 PM6Y800LISUAR835U ACS800-14-0140-3-0200-7 PM6Y814FANR7 ACS800-11 R6 42003927 ACS800-DEMAG+N672 ADE4 SOFTWARE RMI DEXR4230 68788315 68549086 ASXR7320 ACS800-107-0030-5-0040-5 PM3Y800MDR45 ACS800-07-0260-3-0610-5 PM6Y807FANEMCR835 68638721 EAM58CR4096/4096B12/28FXX6X6P3R ACS800-37-0140-3-0170-3 PM9Y837R73 68247179 68609151 EH80C1024Z8/24L12X3MR EH80C1024Z8/24L12X3MR.037 INVERTER UNIT R4I 64772481 ACS800-207-1680-3-1840-7 PM6Y800ISU4R8 ACS800-07-0165-5 PM6Y807FANLI01655U ACS800-07-0170-5-0260-5 PM9Y80702055 ACS807-07-0400-7 (IF OPTION +D151) PM6Y807FANBR04007U 68312558 3AUA0000135442 3AUA0000132500 ACS800-0870-7 2xR8i 42002779 ACS800-37-0640-3-1050-7 PM6Y837FAN2R8 ACS800-37-1070-3-1510-7 IF OPTION+B PM6Y837FAN23R8 ACS800-17-0060-3-0100-7 PM6Y817FANR6 68692504 68627303 68692032 68684005 ACS800-07-1230-3 IP21 PM6Y80712303 68625041 ACS800-17-0640-3-1050-7 PM6Y817FAN2R8 68692482 ACS800-107-0870-7-1160-7 PM6Y800MD2R87 64703102 ACS800-107LC-2680-7 IF OPT +E206 and+ PM6Y800LMDSI26807 ACS800-107LC-0470-5 IF OPT +E206 and+ PM6Y800LMDSI04705U 170M1565D, 63A, 690V 09838775 64646010 ACS880-01-414A-5+E201+K458+N2005 3AUA0000186434 ACS800-07-0770-3 IP21 PM6Y80707703 ACS800-37-0640-3-1050-7 IF OPTION+B PM6Y837FAN22R8 ACS800-07-0870-3 IP21 PM6Y80708703 ACS800-37-0060-3-0100-7 PM6Y837FANACUR6U 68684242 ACS800-107LC-1370-7 IF OPT +E206 and+ PM6Y800LMDSI13707U ACX800-X11/-X31-0040-2 0060-2 PM9Y811R62 EH80C1024Z5L14X3MR.197+295+695 ACS800-107-0060-3 PM9Y800MD00603 68859646 ACS800-17-0260-7-0540-7 IF OPTION+E PM6Y817FANSINR87 64627074 64645269 ACS800-0910-5 2xR8i 42002228 64495232 ACS800-307-0340-0490-7 PM6Y800DSUD37 ACS800-17-0210-3-0540-7 IF OPTION+H PM6Y817FANCABBER8 EAM63FR4096/4096G8/28PPX12X3MER ACS800-17-1330-7 PM9Y81713307 ACS800-07-1060-7 IP21 PM6Y80710607 68257441 ACS800-37-0210-3-0540-7 PM6Y837FANR8 EAM58FR64/1024G8/28PPX10S3MEA EAM58FR8/512G8/28PPX8X3MAR EXPLOSION EXHAUST 3AUA0000019136 AF116-30-22-13 3AXD50000019269 ACS800-07-1160-7 PM9Y80711607 68446775 ACS800-107LC-1370-7 IF OPT +E206 and+ PM6Y800LMDSI13707 ACS800-37-0260-7-0540-7 IF OPTION+B PM6Y837FAN1R87 ACS800-X07-1370-1810-7 PM6Y800DSU2D47 3AUA0000063267 ACS800-14-0140-3-0170-3 PM9Y814R73 ACS800-07-1230-3-2900-7 (+B055) PM6Y807ROOF2 ACS800-17-0140-3-0200-7 IF OPTION+E PM6Y817FANSINR7 AF146-30-22B-13 3AXD50000025712 3AUA0000064208 ACS800-37-1810-3-1980-7 PM3Y837FANACU24R8 i550-C0.37/400-3 16066956 i550-C0.37/230-1 16067221 EAM63DR4096/4096G8/28PPX10X6MER 68312833 68628911 ACS800-14-1810-3-1980-7 PM6Y814FAN4R8 64582160 3AUA0000064217 ACS880 R9 3AXD50000009292 ACS800-07-0100-3 PM9Y80701003 68580439 AGDR-IGBT LAATIKKO 68280095 68305110 ACS800-17-0260-7-0540-7 IF OPTION+B PM6Y817FAN1R87 ACS800-107-0025-3-0030-3 PM3Y800MDR44 EAM63DR4096/4096G8/28PPX10X6PER ACS800-37-2320-7 PM9Y83723207 EH80C1024Z5L14X3MR.295+431 ACS800-37-0060-3-0100-7 PM6Y837FANACUR6 EAM58FR512/1024G8/28SXX10S3MCR ACS800-37-0060-3-0540-7 IF OPTION+D PM3Y837FAN1BCR6R8 68262399 68262402 EH80C1024Z8/24P10X3MR.269 ACS800-37-0140-3-0200-7 IF OPTION+H PM6Y837FANCABBER7 ACS800-107-1740-7 PM6Y800MD3R87 ACS800-DEMAG+N672 ADE4 SOFTWARE RMI DEXR4250 ACS800-207-1390-7 PM9Y800ISU13907 EH80C1024Z8/24L14X3MR.197+454 ACS800-107-0025-3-0030-3 PM6Y800MDR44 PCP/ESP APPL SW FOR OIL INDUSTRY (+ BZXX631U) ACS800-17-0140-3-0200-7 PM6Y817FANR7IP54 3AUA0000086913 ACS800-207LC-0820-3-1120-7 PM6Y800LISUA2R8U ACS800-107LC-2680-7 IF OPT +E206 and+ PM6Y800LMDSI26807U ACS800-07-3190-7 IP21 PM6Y80731907 EAM58CR4096/4096G8/28PPX10X6MER LCL CAPACITOR 64783777 ACS800-207LC-1580-3-1670-7 PM6Y800LISU3R8 ACS800-107-0003-3-0005-3 PM6Y800MD353 ACS800-37-0060-3-0100-7 IF OPTION+E PM6Y837FANSINR6 L502+L516 EXCHANGE FREQUENCY CONVER EXC42000976 ACS800-17-0140-3-0170-3 PM9Y817R73 ACS800-37-0060-3-0100-7 IF OPTION+H PM6Y837FANCABBER6 68968291 68973031 68638623 68947456 ACS800-14-0170-5-0210-5 PM9Y814R75 ACS800-07-0610-3 PM9Y80706103 64694685 68446961 ACS800-107-0910-3-1210-3 PM6Y800MD2R85 LCL REPAIR KIT 3AUA0000069654 68692458 ACS800-107-0040-3-0060-3 PM3Y800MDR54 ACS800-207LC-0240-3-0620-5 PM6Y800LISUR835U 3AUA0000125590 3AUA0000125788 ACS800-17-0210-3-0580-5 IF OPTION+B PM6Y817FANTER835 ACS800-207LC-0240-3-0620-5 PM6Y800LISUAR835 ACS800-107-0011-3-0020-3 PM6Y800MDR34 AF260-30-22-70 3AUA0000094611 PREV.MAINT. KIT, 9 YEARS PM9Y807R77 ACS800-807-3220-3, 230V PM3Y800TSU4B53 ACS800-107-0030-5-0040-5 PM6Y800MDR45 KDH 2-3 GENERATION AQKJ7XXX KOK.30385+30405+30406 36621133 ACS800-37-0170-7-0210-7 PM9Y837R77 ACS800-107LC-0380-5 PM9Y800LMD03805 ACS800-07-0750-7 PM9Y80707507 ABXR7220 3AUA0000067673 CON.PAN.CAB NAMC11-21-22NDPI21 64066129 ACS800-107LC-0730-5 IF OPT +E206 and+ PM6Y800LMDSI07305 3AUA0000064352 ACS800-107-0050-5-0070-5 PM6Y800MDR55 68692512 68701481 3AUA0000087709 ACS800-37-0780-5 (IF OPTION +D150) PM3Y837FAN1BC07805 68587158 ACS800-107-0016-5-0025-5 PM3Y800MDR35 EAM58CR4096/4096G8/28PPX10X6PER ACS800-14-0210-3-0540-7 PM6Y814FANR8 ACXR7200 EAM63AR512/128G8/28PPX8X3MER 68891264 68460786 68460948 ACS800-37-0140-3-0200-7 IF OPTION+H PM6Y837FANCABTER7 ACS800-37-0260-7-0540-7 IF OPTION+B PM6Y837FAN2R87 ACS800-37-0510-3 (IF +B055 AND +E20 PM6Y837FAN05103 ACS800-107LC-1370-3-2030-7 PM6Y800LMD3R8 ACW R12I PHASE MODULE 42000492 0B051 for ACS880-04-880A-5 69085482 ADAPTING PLATE 68299837SP ACS800-37-0140-3-0200-7 PM6Y837FANR7 INVERTER UNIT 68260477 INVERTER UNIT 68263727 INVERTER UNIT 64650319 64706454 INVERTER UNIT 64650343 64524011 INVERTER UNIT 64650327 SOFTWARE ACXR7421 SP 15 PVC 35050795 INVERTER UNIT 64792571 INVERTER UNIT 64794086 64713591 SOFTWARE ACXR7433 SOFTWARE ACXR7430 INVERTER UNIT 68261201 68847826 64719572 64722166 68847711 68847711SP 3AUA0000072116 SOFTWARE ACXR7420 SOFTWARE ACXR7431 Demo case ACS850-0 3AUA0000050654 Digital connection board, 230V 64349708 ACS850-04 Memory Unit Kit + Demo SW 3AUA0000064491 ACS880 690V R6 DC LINK REWORK 4FPS10000446222 Multimotor ACS850 Demo suitcase 3AUA0000156012 N16ACS800-X07-0680-0980-7 PM6Y800DSUD47 OEM option ACSM1-04M Demo suitcase 68836808 ACSM1 cable 68959217 ACSM1 cable 68959225 ACSM1-L-MU-E1+N2501+N4001+N6001 3AUA0000153708 ACSM1 cable 68959233 ACSM1 Software 3AUA0000067123 END PLATE 64347080 EQ72-X 64492748 Switch fuse OES 400 J3P, 600V 68369584 170M6549, 1100A 1000V, size3 68736021 Switch fuse kit OESA 800 D3PL 61485554 Switch fuse kit OESL630/32D02 64808842 Switch disconnector kit OETL 1250 KV12 68506883 CVAR board for UL/CSA BAMU 3AUA0000065950 CVAR-01C 3AUA0000044173 Contactor 35 A-690 V-50/60 Hz-115VAC 59017012 Current transf HF6 2000/1A,741F0037 10028434 AF460-30-22-70,700A(ITH) Switch disconnector 68506891 Roof kit (230V) IP54 400 68327831 Mechanical kit for fan, DSU Kit 14 68797594 OESL630/32D02 , 1XR8I, 400/500V KIT Fuse 170M6267, 1400A, 690V, SIZE 3 68636540 Cooler kit, INU, R2i - R5i Kit 160 3AUA0000030404 PC73UD13C800TF, 800A, 1250V 68736005 Air circuit breaker 68564735 Contactor 450 A-1000 V-220-230V/50H 64430874 170M6734, 800A 1500V Bypass - Synchronization to Bypass 70000753 Switch fuse kit OESL 630/32D04 68902797 Switch fuse OESA 250 D3PL 35055746 Fuse LPJ-40SP, 40A 600VAC 64537709 Output busbar kit R7i/R8i 68801648 R8i / 400 mm cabinet 2XR8I (600 mm ) AC busbar kit (800mm), R7i/R8i 68803101 AC500-eCo PLC Kit PM554 PLC 3AUA0000089959 ACS 310 DEMO CASE 3AUA0000140474 ACS355-03E-01A2-4 3AUA0000058182 E3S3200/230V, 3200A, 690V 68564689 Explosion exhaust kit Kit 9 68797560 Express/Air service fee 99991001 170M7059, 1250 A, 690 V 68704227 Contactor 46 A-690 V-50/60 Hz-230VA 64262742 Contactor 700 A-1000 V-100-250V/50- 64430742 SB00-D, 160A 690 V, NH00 Fuse 170M6263, 900A, 690V, SIZE 3 68653215 Fuse 170M6303, 400A -1250V 3SHT 10037166 Fuse 170M1564, 50A,660V ultrar. 09838767 TSU Installation accessories 64329669 Capasitor C1 support kit 15-7, LCL 3AUA0000027554 1xD4 + 2D4 (400 mm + 600 mm) Inlet/outlet kit IP21 400 68239478 KA2-2024 3AUA0000132451 Switch fuse kit 12-pulse 3AUA0000073504 HRC fuse link 68298946 HRC fuse link OFAA000GG63 68298962 Generic kit ALCL1xR8i ISU+1R8i INU 68303826 DSU Measuring kit, 6-pulse RDCO-02C 3AUA0000066003 DC-busbars ISU / INU , R8i - R8i Busbar kit L1-C1-L2 12-13-14-7, LCL 3AUA0000027544 NDAT-09 , 677 kVA, 942A/415V OS160D2 3AUA0000032426 OS160GD02P 3AUA0000106885 OESL630/32D06 , 3XR8I, 690V KIT Charging kit, DSU, 115V 68947006 Fuse 170M4825, 35A 1000V (UL) 68391555 Charging resistor Danotherm CBH165C 64679945 Drive Debug no PC card 64288423 Connector kit R8i 68239427 Switch fuse kit OESL630/1xR8i 68978301 Switch fuse kit OESL630/32D02 64808796 DSU Fan unit kit (fan unit+cable) 68901120 DSU control program IDXR7xxx 68763452 DUMMY PANEL 68582873 Mechanical kit for fan, R7i/R8i 68801681 Meters - Ammeter 70000791 DC busbar kit, ISU 1xR8i Common mod 3AUA0000040711 Fuse 170M6419, 1600A, 690V 68393108 Branching unit kit APBU-44CE 6X 3AUA0000053518 Fuse 170M5009, 450A 690V DIN43653 68441811 Fuse 170M5415, 900A 690V 68752540 Brake Control Program 3AUA0000040380 Connector kit ALCL+2R8i, Rittal 68320887 Generic kit 2xD4, Bot entry 3AUA0000063238 DC reactor 3690A(IE) 690V(UE) 30UH 61444777 DC+ PLATE,FOR CAPACITORS,690V 68601614 AC busbar kit, DCU, D3 Kit 16 68797756 Inlet kit IP54 800 68328462 Connector kit ALCL+2R8i, Generic 68399939 Capasitor C1 support kit 15-5, LCL 3AUA0000027549 Switch fuse kit 12-pulse 3AUA0000073500 Charging package (R5i) RCHU-12-5 3AUA0000054491 Busbar kit, DSU to DSU Kit 11 68838754 Switch fuse kit OESA250 D2PL 68978491 Fuse 170M6416, 1250A 690V 68244463 Fuse 170M5142, 400A 1000-1250V UR 10028183 Module kit, INU, R2i Kit 163 3AUA0000028123 DSU Meas. IO kit DSCB-02, NAIO-03F 68927757 DC-busbar kit 1XR8i Common mode INU 64806823 170M 2676, 35A 660V Fan kit D4E225-CC01-39 64114336 OESL630/32D06 , 3XR8I, 400/500V KIT Adapter board RAPI-01C 3AUA0000036340 Fuse OFAM00AM 100, IN 100A,UN 690V 64398423 H 020STAMONKD+020GE11 64690116 Bypass - Change Over Control 70000752 Fuse 170M4413, 450A, 690V 68731623 Fuse 170L5117, 315A, 1600V 68910587 Busbar and ventilation kit 400, LCL 3AUA0000027555 DC-busbar kit OESL, 3xR8i 68256780 DC busbar kit 1xR8i Common mode 68288533 170M3017 , 315A 690V DIN43653 (UL) Plug connector X1 3AUA0000073582 Branching unit kit APBU-44CE 12X 3AUA0000053625 Plug connectors+mechanics, R7i/R8i 68801494 Power supply MPS3-230/24 COATED 64209396 Cooling kit 400, LCL Kit 403 3AUA0000027535 DC-busbar kit ACS800-14, 1xR8i 68468604 Fan kit D4E225-CC07-37 64114344 Charging kit, DSU, 230V 68946786 DC-Switch kit 1xR8i INU DC-Switch 68910161 Switch fuse kit OESL 630/32D24 68902801 Fuse 170M4823, 25A 1000V (UL) 68391407 IP22/42 400mm Cabinet 3 ring + accessories 68625548 Fuse base 1400V 630A 110 MM 170H 10028205 Switch fuse OES 600 R03 68441749 Switch fuse OESA 630 D3PL 35061738 Fuse OFAA NH000GG50V6-1 6A gG 68264821 3AUA0000068937 Voltage trans. kit for DSU control 68926301 W2E 250-HL06-05 10028841 Branching unit kit APBU-44C 2X 68242355 Switch fuse OES 200 R03 68611059 Roof kit/Rittal IP21/22/42 400 68328110 Contactor A95-30-22-89, 1000V(UE) 64081047 170M6723, 1000A 1400 V Busbar kit for fuses R7i/R8i 68801702 2xR8i 600 mm cabinet AC-busbars ISU/INU, R8i - R8i Rittal kit 1xD4, Top entry 3AUA0000068568 For R8i / DSU D3/D4 modules 2D4 + 3 D4 3xR8i Not RITTAL 800 mm cabinet IGBT supply control program (+N694) 64668188 IGBT+C.B. FS450R17/AGCB-01C 68958652 Service desk,+DI2588 R7i/R8i 3AUA0000026060 Switch fuse OES 800 R03 68442052 Fuse 170M4831, 125A 1000V 68391580 Fuse 170M5008, 400A 690V DIN43653 68628032 Busbar kit for fuses R7i/R8i 68802687 DC-Switch kit 4xR8i INU DC-Switch 68911389 DC reactor 1980A(IE) 690V(UE) 55UH 61444769 Fuse 170M5496, 630A, 1250V, SIZE 2 68653240 Fuse 170M2682, 125A 1000V DIN00 10029813 Parallel connection kit OETL, 3xD4 64800001 Fuse kit adapter, DSU, D4 Kit 21 68799791 3XR8I (400 mm + 600 mm) Air circuit breaker wagon 68565987 Fuse 170M1570, 200A 660V 10003539 Fuse 170M6452, 630A 690V size3 3AUA0000070795 Cab. acc.kit DSU Rittal 2x2xD4+1xD4 68327041 AC-Fuse 64735616 Fuse 170M3816, 250A 660V 10028574 Rittal kit 2xD4+2xD4+1xD4,Bot entry 3AUA0000063250 Inverter screw kit 68806186 Side plate kit Kit 8 68797292 Fuse 170M4700, 200A 1000-1250V UR 10001731 DCHO-7D-280 64650947 Acc.frame,INU,1 R8i,Switch solution 3AUA0000033670 Fuse 170M3017, 315A 690V DIN43653 68446376 Flat cable 2.5M SDSC-REB-1-PIN-41 64157701 Quick connector for BRC R8i Kit 655 3AUA0000043456 R- BUS BAR INSUL. V. B 64707485 Connector kit 2xR8i 68239435 Fuse 170M1416, 80A 660V (UL) 68470021 Switch fuse kit OESA630 D2PL 68978505 Rittal kit 2xD4+2xD4+1xD4,Top entry 3AUA0000063253 170M7062, 2000A 690V, size4 68689589 PE-busbar kit (600mm), R7i/R8i 68803781 PHASE BUSBAR 64761072 OESL630/32D04 , 2XR8I, 690V KIT Switch disconnector OETL 1000 KV11 68813212 Switch fuse kit OESL630/32D06 64808877 ALCL+1R8i 600 mm cabinet Fuse base OFASA 3, 1x630A 690V 35009841 Fuse base SB00-D, 160A 690 V, NH00 68569613 Fibre optic cable 10024943 Switch fuse kit OESL630/32D06 68978441 DC-Switch kit 10xR8i INU DC-Switch 68921074 Busbar kit 400, ISU Kit 150 3AUA0000026094 DC-busbar kit OESL, 1xR8i 68256747 DC-busbars kit ISU/INU- R8i-R8i 68331412 Busbar kit to choke L1 600, LCL 3AUA0000027563 Connector kit 1xR8i+2XR8i, Rittal 68260744 Charging kit, ISU, 115V 50Hz kit 27 3AUA0000028003 Air circuit breaker wagon 3AUA0000052160 IP54 600mm+ 800 mm ,2xD4 + 3xD4 AC-busbar kit ALCL-2x-x 68320909 Branching unit kit APBU-44C 4X 68242371 Rittal kit 1xD4+2xD4, Top entry 3AUA0000063252 Fuse OFAA 000GG 40, 40A, 690V 68286689 Contactor A95-30-2280, 1000V(UE) 10029333 Fuse adapter OESAZX2-S2 68441773 Switch fuse kit OES 400 R03 68988071 OESL630/32D04 , 2XR8I, 400/500V KIT Contactor A50-30-11-80, 230VAC 59015915 Cover IP22-IP54 protection for SACE 64003259 Charging kit 17 R8I ISU 3AXD50000016135 Diode Supply Conn. Board DSCB-02 68494150 Diode supply control program 3AUA0000079614 Switch disconnector kit OT 160E3 68978459 Busbar kit busbars to fuses Kit 601 3AUA0000025231 Fuse 5,5URD33TTF2000, 2000A 550V 68244455 Plug connector X1 3AUA0000062927 Acc.frame,INU,2 R8i,Switch solution 3AUA0000033671 Fuse 170M6210, 630A 690V 68327423 2XR8I + ALCL (800 mm ) For Cables 2x185 240mm2 Fuse 170M 8547, 1250A/660V 1250A 64786512 Marine fastening kit for TS8 Kit 31 68928001 IP 21/22/42 600+800mm Cabinet Interconnection kit R7i/R8i 68802580 Branching unit kit APBU-44CE 8X 3AUA0000053623 Standard control program (+N664) 68775515 Fuse 170M6723, 1000A 1400 V 68701244 Fuse LPJ-80SP, 80A, 600VAC 68406331 DC-busbar support kit, Kit 157 3AUA0000027597 Fuse 170M6415, 1100A, 690V 68731658 Generic kit 3xD4, Bot entry 3AUA0000063239 170M 2680, 80A 660V IP 21/22/42 400+2x600mm Cabinet 2xALCL + 3xR8i (600mm+400mm+600mm) Installation frame, BRU, 1xR8i 3AUA0000033677 Capasitor C1 support kit 14-7, LCL 3AUA0000027553 Charging kit, ISU, 230V 50/60Hz 3AUA0000027756 Fuse 170M1411, 25A 660V (UL) 68469945 3xR8i + 2xALCL (800 mm + 600 mm) AC CAP. B25834-S0226-K14 68452902 1XR8I (400 mm) Switch disconnector kit OETL 1600K3 35066861 Screws, DSU, D3 68806143 DSU Measuring kit,12-pulse RDCO-02C 3AUA0000065997 DC-busbar kit OESL, 2xR8i 68256771 Switch fuse kit OESL630/32D06 64808826 SDCS-IOB-23 KIT/C Switch fuse kit 6-pulse 3AUA0000073499 Switch fuse kit OESL630/32D02 68978424 Switch fuse kit OESL630/32D04 64808851 Roof kit (230V) IP54 600 68327857 Fuse 170M6545, 700A, 1250V 68735980 1XR8I + ALCL (600 mm) Drive Debug incl. PCMCIA card 64288407 Inlet kit IP22/42 400 68239443 Switch fuse OS125D03 125A, 690V 68816416 DC reactor 1980A(IE) 690V(UE) 55UH 61332341 Connector kit 2ALCL+3R8i, Generic 68362962 DC reactor 3690A(IE) 690V(UE) 30UH 61332448 Connector kit ALCL+1R8i 68288461 SDCS-IOB-3/C, 230 V Busbar kit for fuses, DSU, D3 68797799 Charging kit, DSU, 230V 68946841 Side assembly for BRC R7i Kit 652 3AUA0000043453 Fan kit 64114158 Fan unit kit 68892961 Auxiliary Contact, FAZ-XAM2 3AUA0000086365 170M5008, 400A 690V DIN43653 (UL) NDAT-04 , 1126 kVA, 942A/690V NDAT-11 , 1859 kVA, 2587A/415V Fuse 170M4141, 315A 1000-1250V UR 09838848 Rittal kit 1xD4, Bot entry 3AUA0000063248 Fuse 170M4415, 550A, 690V 68731631 Roof kit/Rittal IP21/22/42 600 68328136 S201-K1 68264618 SDCS-IOB-22 KIT/C Outlet door fan kit IP54 400 68330301 Output busbar kit ISU/INU- R8i-R8i 68484766 Fuse base 170H 1007 400A 68449545 Busbar kit L1-C1-L2 14-5, LCL 3AUA0000027542 Busbar kit L1-C1-L2 25-7, LCL 3AUA0000027567 Comm. Mode choke T60006-L 3AUA0000032859 Busbar kit for fuses, DSU, D4 68799741 OEM Specific Varistor board kit 3AUA0000065951 Switch kit OT630E11 3AXD50000000892 LEAD-IN INSULATOR CXBY 66746 36361905 Switch kit OT1000E03 3AXD50000000894 Auxiliary contact 10032288 INSULATING SUPPORT 1KV D60 H50 M10 9707409 Thermistor wire 64286587 Common AC bracket kit A-468-X-011 3AUA0000115905 Connector kit 3xR8i, Generic 68242231 TERMINAL BLOCK KE61 64013173 COVER D-MNS-AM 61308989 COVER IP54 64720015 GLBS 300 504 P1 RETAINER 10024960 GREYICE 4100 LV SMALL TUBE 3AUA0000074768 MODULE MECHANICS 68645603 FR27UQ69V80T, 80A, 690V, 27X60MM 3AXD50000000213 Switch kit 190 A- 1000 V-AC-3 3AXD50000001309 Cable Connector 2x185 240mm2 64632299 Current Transformer 10012155 CC-AM/13033-0 68725631 170M6809, 550A, 690V DIN3 10029911 Outlet IP42 KIT A-4-X-040 3AUA0000114968 AC-Fuse OFAA000aM25 3AUA0000024323 Outlet IP42 KIT A-6-X-041 3AUA0000114789 COVER OSS 160GT 1L/3 3AUA0000088672 COVER PLATE, NGD 64659529 PCI/PCMCIA ADAPTER 64510304 PCI/PCMCIA-ADAPTER ACS800 3AUA0000001003 Protection switch S 203-K13, 13A 68502543 Shroud kit A-4-7-351 3AUA0000114769 COVERING PLATE D-MNS-AM 61372946 MOUNTING BRACKET CC-CM 10031001 Switch kit OT1250E03 3AXD50000000895 Fuse FWP-32A14F, 32A 660V 14X51MM 3AUA0000089119 DOOR 600X2000 CC-CM u 68479495 AUXILIARY CONTACT OBFZNA11/2 68803152 AUXR7110 GLBS 300 180 P1 BUSBAR SPACER 10025141 CC1500 CP RD20-127/10 58063614 3 PHASE TRANSFORM M3V6/4-370 68700345 Terminal block X1:30,ST2,5-Quattro 68572401 I/O Extension Unit 68838886 Current transformer 64336827 Terminal block -X25, -X1, -X9,-X11 68842239 MASTERPACT NW16NA 3P R 10001382 WASHER D-MNS-BM 61422650 Switch kit OT400E11 3AXD50000000891 FAULT CURRENT SWI DS 951-C6/0.03/A 68442095 LOCATION PLATE D-MNS-AM 61424032 PARTITIONING PLAT D-MNS-AM 61324178 BAMU-01C 3AUA0000054712 SHROUD CC-AM 64413449 170M4415, 550A, 690V, DIN1 3AXD50000000244 LEK 24-PT 42000653 EMC-EARTHING CUSH UC-1393 68309948 EMPARRO 10-100-240/24 COATED 3AXD50000007302 170M4414, 500A, 690V, DIN1 3AXD50000000242 CRN15-02 A-P-G-E-HQQE 42000529 EMC shield 61248668 SEALING RING 45085 60008159 DC busbar kit A-4-67-241 3AUA0000122152 DC+/- 64632442 Contactor 1250 A-1000 V 68687284 AIR BAFFLE CC-AM 64397737 ZCU-13 kit 3AXD50000000933 ZCU-14 Control unit extension cable 3AXD50000025592 170M4908 68988900 COVER OSS 160GT 1S/3 3AUA0000086961 EARTH BUSBAR 35051201 Lead-in 5x25 64534459 MOUNTING BAR TS35X7,5 5145.0 11779867 AMMETER 10032385 SUB-ASSEMB. KIT ALCL FRAME SHROUDS 3AUA0000111355 CNIAB Specific WIRE HARNESS 3AUA0000063046 Terminal block -X1: Plug-in bridge 64687107 GASKET 64020650 V-METER EQ72-X 0-800VAC 35079467 21LEGEND PLATE 68240824 2410ML-05W-B60-D23 63998931 VOLTAGE TRANSFORMER15VA, LK 1,5 10033799 Plastic Rivet Wound Core 60030341 Plinth (solid) 70000975 170M4413, 450A, 690V, DIN1 3AXD50000000240 DC busbar kit A-4-67-283 3AUA0000122202 AMMETER EQ72-X 10032377 INSULATOR GEORGE JORDAN D30 H30 64575945 Fuse FWP-10A14F, 10A 660V 14X51MM 3AUA0000089115 FR27UQ69V100T, 100A, 690V, 27X60MM 3AXD50000000215 TRANSFORMER M1V5/2-63, UR APPROVED 68339006 VENTILATION COVER 68614988 LEAD-THROUGH PLATE 64694537 Outlet IP20 KIT A-4-X-042 3AUA0000125203 Outlet IP20 KIT A-6-X-043 3AUA0000125204 PROTECTIVE SLEEVE 1131017 68296749 CONTACTOR 3AUA0000091260 3 PHASE TRANSFORM M3V6/4-240 68700337 170M4416, 630A, 690V, DIN1 3AXD50000000246 SEALING RING 45086 60008167 R1I air guide kit A-468-1-422 3AUA0000114398 INSULATING SUPP NTGD 1N1 9707301 X8X ramp kit A-468-8-304 3AUA0000120467 ESD-protection Static protection 61073442 BEARING CURR. FIL 3 TOROID KIT 64315811 BH5928.47/61 3AUA0000045099 Fuse 170M1561, 25A 660V 10028566 Fuse 170M1569, 160A 660V 10003521 INSULATING SUPPORT 6X60X10 64616781 AIR GUIDE 68618550 AIR-TEX G-150 10033730 AC busbar kit kit A-4-67-181 3AUA0000122145 INSULATING PILLAR 25 M4 57199644 D-Connector 68381541 SR50 09827498 SUB-ASSEMB KIT ALCL-1X AC-BUSB FRAM 3AUA0000111352 Terminal blocks Supply control 68347173 TRANSFORMER M1V6/2-25 10030943 MEMBRANE PACKING MRRA 24 57807466 USMSW1, switch for US141 fuse base 3AUA0000089228 VENTILATION COVER, L-170 64781529 A-METER EQ72-X 64043471 A070GRB2T13: Z330003 68379270 Auxiliary contact 61491783 LEAD-THROUGH PLAT D-MNS-AM 61337792 RELAY RM85-24DC-DIODE,1C/O 3AUA0000024426 Load Switch 3AUA0000021344 EARTH CONNECTION NWA-ZL 15 35017062 POWER SUPPLY MINI-PS-240AC/24DC/1.3 3AUA0000054999 UDC BUS BAR INSULATE 3AUA0000024617 OPTION PLATE 82001191 Fuse Switch 3AUA0000048736 Switch kit OT400E11 395mm shaft 3AXD50000001306 LABEL ABB LOGO ACS600 10024382 LAMPHOLDER, 020PD9 64749447 SUB-ASSEMB.KIT ALCL+2XR8I BASIC FRA 3AUA0000111353 Switch kit OT400E22 3AXD50000000893 WIRING DUCT GMF 30T 847-130 35079858 Fuse switch 10028671 Fuse switch kit/OESL630/32D04 64808800 Fieldbus kit FDPI-02 3AUA0000108650 Flange mounting Frame R7 (IP21) 3AXD50000018853 SUPPORT D-MNS-AM 61353691 EMERGENCY STOP PL 020D23 64717502 LEAD-THROUGH PLAT D-MNS-CM 61463658 Warning Label 58914657 XB4-BS8444 64533363 CHOKE FOCH 0260-7 FOCH 0260-70 68490286 R6I R7I installation kit A-4-67-302 3AUA0000117090 AIR BAFFLE CC-AM 64394690 FILTER AIR-TEX G-150 10033721 FILTER CAPACITOR 68419956 Charging kit R7I 3AXD50000001328 FB-01 3AUA0000183028 Wire harness for Power 3AUA0000075939 Shroud kit A-8-1234-404 3AUA0000114450 FR27UQ69V50T, 50A, 690 V, 27X60MM 3AXD50000000189 SUPPORTING PLATE D-MNS-AM 61364803 Control Voltage Transformer 57866926 FEN-21 68679303 Fuse base US141, 50A 690V, 14X51MM 3AUA0000089224 FR27UQ69V125T, 125A, 690V, 27X60MM 3AXD50000000217 Plug 40x10 64674731 FUSE OFAA000AM50 3AUA0000024324 FASTENING FOOT 741H 0230 10017891 AUX. CONTACT OTPE40FP 3AUA0000047423 HANDLE OHBS12 3AUA0000047451 HK1- 11 68367760 3 PHASE TRANSFORM M3V6/4-90, UL/CSA 68700311 RPMP-ISU 13 (+Y-splitter) 68470170 Fuse FWP-20A14F, 20A 660V 14X51MM 3AUA0000089117 VENTILATION COVER 3OJA000268 64347764 Angle 57935847 Fuse 250A 690V, DIN1 flush end 3AUA0000066038 TRANSFORMER M1V5/2-25 10030889 PASSIVE CROWBAR 68324238 TRIANGUL. LOCK 64347802 FR27UQ69V160T, 160A, 690V, 27X60MM 3AXD50000000219 LEAD-THROUGH PLATE 64716816 Sealing Ring 60008451 170M1562D, 32A, 690V 10008131 NOCH0016-6 58983527 CIRCUIT BREAKER 35010360 CK 3/8-PK6 68617359 AUXILIARY CONTACT GV3A01 35011170 R2I air guide kit A-468-2-423 3AUA0000114330 R3 FLANGE KIT 3AXD50000031458 Switch kit OS250D03 3AXD50000001308 Transformer 68338999 X8X quick connector kit A-468-8-100 3AUA0000119227 SHROUD 68260141 Fuse 170M 1566 9838791 G2E140-PI32-10 10032971 CABLE SUPPORT D-MNS-AM 61388460 FR27UQ69V200T, 200A, 690V, 27X60MM 3AXD50000000221 VENTILATION COVER CC-CM 64633473 Insulating Support 4x40x10 64674838 EXTENSION UN LG3096.60/304/60-230V 68838878 Common DC bracket kit A-468-X-001 3AUA0000115906 Contactor 1000 V-2050 A- 3AUA0000051805 Terminal blocks+24V/48Vdistribution 68351391 Fuse FWP-25A14F, 25A 660V 14X51MM 3AUA0000089118 INSULATING SUPPOR NTGB 1A4 9707255 3 PHASE TRANSFORM M3V6/4-180 68700329 Screen cover 61393510 CRANE DRIVE CONTROL PROGRAM ACXR7411 Fuse base US271MI, 150A 800V 3AUA0000089227 I/O EXTENSION UNI BN 3081.63/61 34520241 GRID PLATE CC-CM 68614929 GRILLE, 4013-2-4039, 162MM 10005094 DBB01CM24 64692925 170M6546, 800 A, 1250 V 63919128 170M6547 63919381 125A-690V-1NO+1NC-100-250V-50-60Hz 3AXD50000002799 THREADED PLATE GLBS 300 015 P3 10024935 THYR. BRAKING UNIT 61286641 MESH ACS607XT 10029431 MFE180-MU-GCU 3AUA0000181131 EMC-EARTHING CUSH UC-1393 61257829 HINGE 68225949 Load Switch OT 25E3 59022890 Terminal block Cab light and heat 68486726 INSULATING PLATE 68644283 CHARGING CONTROL ACHM-01C 68449022 WIRING DUCT GMF 20T 847-120 35079840 170M4467/PC31UD69V700TF X3 64720066 FR27UQ69V63T, 63A, 690V, 27X60MM 3AXD50000000211 Switch kit OT630E11 395mm shaft 3AXD50000001307 Switches - Local - 0 - Remote 70000880 170M4410, 315A, 690V, DIN1 3AXD50000000234 AIR GUIDE 64745603 OFAX00S3L, 3x125A, 690V 58065731 OHB 4 68577471 GLBS 300 094 P2 SUPPORT FOR PE-BU 10029473 Contactor 250A-1000V-2NO+2NC-100-25 68459184 V-MET SWITCH K1D-024M+K1410ME+KBC1B 10032342 SWITCH CA10 A221-600 ER/VE1 10030421 INSULATING SUPPORT H10, W-600 68229723 EMC-EARTHING CUSH UC-1393 68248469 Fuse-Switch 10032024 R3I air guide kit A-468-3-424 3AUA0000114404 R4 FLANGE KIT 3AXD50000031460 LOCK PLATE 68228786 LOCKING MAGNET COIL 42000487 Terminal block DOL-fan nxR8,-X3 (1) 68347025 NOCH0030-6 58983519 DC busbar kit A-4-6-281 3AUA0000122201 170M3814D, 160A, 690V DIN1 58927635 170M3817D 10030510 X1600 3AXD50000025739 FMBA-01 68469872 R4I air guide kit A-468-4-425 3AUA0000114405 Profibus Cable 64677543 R8i no DC-fuses 3AUA0000056408 R9 INSULATING MATER. 58934984 TRANSFORMER,M1V5/2-40 68339014 CNIAB Specific ASTO-21C 3AUA0000065265 CNIABSpecificFS300R17KE3/AGDR-76C 68444195 INLET KIT IP20 KIT A-8-X-023 3AUA0000117005 3AXD50000005278 FEN-31 68978840 INLET KIT IP42 KIT A-6-X-025 3AUA0000117008 FENA-11 3AUA0000089106 CNIAB Spesific R8i Control Unit 3AUA0000064595 CNIAB SpecificFS450R17KE3/AGDR-71C 68444217 DSMB-01C 64691929 CNIAB Specific 690VHEAT2IGBT 3AUA0000055912 CNIAB Specific R8I CONTROL UNIT500V 3AUA0000100384 CNIAB Specific ASRU-01C 64719971 CNIAB Specific AOFC-03 68615976 CNIAB Specific COOLING FAN 3AUA0000055933 RPMP-33-4PK 64736159 CNIAB SpecificHEATING CTRAHCB-01C 64815555 Switch disconnector 64673467 FENA-01 68469414 OUTLET FORCED IP20 KIT A-6-X-063 3AUA0000125202 FECA-01 3AUA0000072078 OUTLET FORCED IP20 KIT A-4-X-062 3AUA0000125201 INLET KIT IP20 KIT A-4-X-021 3AUA0000117002 FCAN-01 68469368 CNIAB Specific OUTPUT FILTER 68295459 CONT. UNIT/SAFUX TO SAF 61254412 CNIAB Specific R8I CONTROL UNIT500V 3AUA0000100385 CNIAB Specific R8I CONTROL UNIT690V 3AUA0000100390 FAN INV KIT R8I AFIN-01C KIT 68766541 CNIAB SpecificFS300R12KE3/AGDR-72C 68444152 Valve 3AUA0000038955 Variable Speed Fans 70000885 DSCB-3X DSU, ICU 1000MM 68657946 CNIAB Specific FS450R12KE3/AGDR-71C 68444161 V18345. DSCB-2X DSU, ICU 1000MM 68657920 WBCA-01 Bottom input 3AUA0000070424 OUTLET FORCED IP42 KIT A-6-X-061 3AUA0000114971 FENA-21 3AUA0000089108 INLET KIT IP42 KIT A-4-X-024 3AUA0000117007 WIRE HARNESS KIT R6I/R7i 3AXD50000006005 CONN. CABLE ADPI-01/ADPI-01 64658948 CNIAB SpecificHEATING FOIL 68228727 WBCA-21 Bottom input 3AUA0000070422 CNIAB Specific AINT-24C 3AUA0000031096 INLET KIT IP42 KIT A-8-X-026 3AUA0000117009 OUTLET FORCED IP42 KIT A-4-X-060 3AUA0000114967 AUX. contact for contactors 3AUA0000091262 INLET KIT IP20 KIT A-6-X-022 3AUA0000117003 FDNA-01 68469333 Air circuit breaker 68564719 FEN-11 68679290 170M7063, 2500A 690V, size4 68752591 LEAD-THROUGH PLAT D-MNS-CM 61377018 FPBA-01 68469309 FR10GR69V1 10004918 Fan kit 64114191 Installation accessories 3AUA0000042574 Instructions /EN 3AUA0000102324 NOCH0070-6 58983501 AI-3524Q 6ES7648-2AJ50-0MA0 ITD 41 A 4 Y70 2000 H BX D1SR7 S 30 3NE4333-6B EH80C400S8/24P8X3PR AC0020 AC0023 AC0019 AC006S AC0022 AC0021 AC003S AC004S AC001S AC002S AC012S AC007S AC010S AC011S AC015S AC030S AC016S AC032S i550-P1.1/400-3 16290123 AC041S AC1145 AC1154 AC1146 AC1147 AC1207 AC1212 AC1226 AC1223 AC1221 AC1209 AC1236 AC1244 AC1250 AC1253 PSU-3AC/ASi-8A AC1254 AC1257 AC1258 AC1324 AC1318 AC1327 AC1256 AC1331 AC1334 AC1355 AC1337 AC1358 AC1365 AC1357 AC1366 AC1375 AC1376 AC1391 AC1392 AC1402 AC1401 AC1411 AC1421 AC1412 AC1422 AC2018 AC2026 AC2024 AC2027 AC2032 AC2035 AC2042 AC2046 AC2041 AC2055 AC2048 AC2057 AC2087 AC2088 AC2211 AC2086 AC2212 AC2217 AC2219 AC2218 AC2220 AC2216 AC2225 AC2250 AC2252 AC2251 AC2254 AC2256 AC2255 AC2259 AC2257 AC2258 AC2261 AC2264 AC2267 AC2266 AC2310 AC2315 AC2317 AC2402 AC2403 AC2316 AC2410 AC2413 AC2411 AC2417 AC2451 AC2453 AC2452 AC2458 AC2457 AC2412 AC2464 AC2459 AC2465 AC2466 AC2480 AC2471 AC2482 AC246A AC2488 AC2484 AC2500 AC2502 AC2504 AC2505 AC2508 AC2506 AC2507 AC2509 AC2514 AC2516 AC2515 AC2517 AC2518 AC2520 AC2558 AC2521 AC2519 AC2565 AC2566 AC2616 AC2617 AC2619 AC2620 AC2631 AC2618 AC2630 AC2625 AC2634 AC2636 AC2637 AC2728 AC2703 AC2638 AC2704 AC2701 AC2709 AC2729 AC2730 AC2731 AC2751 AC2752 AC2753 AC2900 AC2750 AC2904 AC2916 AC2910 AC2923 AC3003 AC3000 AC3201 AC3202 AC3200 AC3204 AC3221 AC3220 AC3203 AC326A AC327A AC336A AC5000 AC422S AC402S AC5003 AC5005 i550-P0.75/400-3 16290122 AC5014 AC5011 AC5031 AC5015 AC505A AC505S AC506S AC507S AC507A AC508A AC508S i550-P0.55/400-3 16290121 AC514A AC515A AC5202 AC5200 AC5203 AC5205 AC5204 AC5210 AC5209 AC5208 AC5211 AC5212 AC5213 AC5214 AC5215 AC5216 AC5218 AC5223 AC5222 AC5225 AC5226 AC5227 AC5224 AC5228 AC522A AC5230 AC5245 AC5243 AC5236 AC5249 AC5246 AC5250 AC5251 AC5253 AC5270 AC5271 AC5274 AC5287 AC5290 AC5285 AC5275 AC5235 AC528A AC5291 AC5292 AC5293 AC5294 AC535A AC5295 AC570A AC546A AC551A AC542A AC901S AC902S AC904S AC903S AL1000 AL1020 AL1010 AL2401 AL2400 ANT410 ANT411 AL1030 ANT430 ANT420 ANT431 ANT512 ANT421 ANT513 ANT515 ANT516 ANT805 ANT810 ANT815 ANT820 AP3002 ANT830 ANT910 i550-P2.2/400-3 16290119 AP3062 CR0133 CP9008 CR0032 CR0020 CR0033 CR0200 AY1020 AY1000 CR0232 CR0233 CR0301 CR0302 CR0303 CR0421 CR0403 CR0431 CR0411 CR0401 CR0451 CR0452 CR1051 CR1050 CR1053 CR1052 CR1056 CR1070 CR1055 CR0505 CR1080 CR1071 CR1081 CR1084 CR1082 CR1083 CR1085 CR1087 CR1201 CR1200 CR1500 CR2011 CR2012 CR2013 CR2014 CR2031 CR2016 CR2032 CR2101 CR2033 CR2500 CR2511 CR2513 CR2512 CR2520 CR2530 CR2532 CR3001 CR2102 CR3003 CR3002 CR3004 CR3110 CR3112 CR3114 CR7132 CR7201 CR7021 CS0014 CR7032 CR7506 CS0015 i550-P1.5/400-3 16313478 DD0122 DA102S DD0296 DD0203 DD110S DD2505 DD2603 DD111S DD2503 DI0001 SC0525 DI0002 DD2605 DI003A DI0004 DI5001 II5292 DI5003 DI5004 DI5005 DI5007 DI5009 DI504A DI6001 DI505A DI506A DI602A DL0201 DL0203 DL2003 DN0001 DN0012 DL2503 DN0220 DN1022 DN0200 DN0210 DN1031 DN1030 DN2035 DN2036 DN4011 DN4012 DN4014 DN4013 DN4034 DN4032 DN4033 DR2503 DR2505 DS2503 DS2505 DS2506 DTA100 DTA101 DT0001 DTA200 DTA201 DTA300 DTA301 DTE100 DTE102 DTE101 DTE104 DTE800 DTE810 DTE900 DTE820 DTE910 DTM424 DTM434 DU110S DTM435 DTM425 DW2503 DX2003 E10013 DX2012 DX2011 E10017 E1001A E10028 i550-P0.55/400-3 16290115 E1003A E10058 E10083 E10087 E10136 E10101 E10154 E10108 E10109 E10155 E10137 E10190 E10189 E10193 E10191 E10210 E10242 E10261 E10411 E10399 i550-P0.75/400-3 16290110 i550-P1.1/400-3 16290111 i550-P1.5/400-3 16290112 E10579 E10661 E10741 E10736 E10752 E10754 E10803 E10806 E10802 E10807 E10818 E10817 E10819 E10821 E10844 E10886 E11032 E11033 E11047 E11048 E11067 E11115 E11144 E11145 E11190 E11194 E11230 E11214 E11231 E11232 E11248 E11250 E11252 E11251 E11273 E11255 E11311 E11310 E11295 E11416 E11418 E11417 i550-P0.75/400-3 16290103 E11419 E11430 i550-P1.5/400-3 16290089 i550-P2.2/400-3 16290090 i550-P0.37/400-3 16290091 i550-P0.55/400-3 16290102 E11504 E11506 E11505 E11507 E11508 E11509 E11510 E11514 E11511 E11512 E11550 E11551 E11552 E11553 E11562 E11566 i550-P0.75/400-3 16290087 i550-P1.1/400-3 16290088 E11590 E11589 i550-P0.55/400-3 16290086 E11594 E11598 E11593 E11597 E11599 E11596 E11624 i550-P0.37/400-3 16290085 E11627 E11657 E11651 E11661 E11658 E11714 E11737 E11736 E11739 E11738 E11740 E11741 E11742 E11744 E11743 E11770 E11745 E11746 E11774 E11747 E11775 E11795 E11798 E11807 E11818 E11847 E11855 E11856 E11859 E11857 E11862 E11863 E11861 E11865 E11864 E11892 i550-P1.1/400-3 16290082 i550-P1.5/400-3 16290083 i550-P2.2/400-3 16290084 E11950 E11952 E12090 E12106 E12154 E12166 E12167 E12163 E12168 i550-P0.55/230-2 16289948 E12204 E12205 E12226 E12240 E12238 i550-P1.5/230-2 16289945 E12266 E12269 i550-P1.1/230-2 16289944 E12281 E12283 E12282 E12284 E12289 E12286 i550-P0.75/230-2 16289943 E12295 E12296 E12315 E12321 E12339 E12341 E12333 E12340 E12343 E12344 E12355 E12363 E12400 E12401 E12403 i550-P0.55/230-2 16289942 i550-P0.37/230-2 16289941 E12409 i550-P2.2/230-2 16289940 i550-P0.75/230-2 16289937 i550-P1.1/230-2 16289938 i550-P1.5/230-2 16289939 E12427 E12429 E12436 E12437 E12432 E12457 E12456 E12455 E17105 E17205 i550-P1.1/230-2 16289931 E17321 E17320 E17328 E17327 E18401 E1D100 E20003 E20005 E20004 E20053 E20054 E20052 E20056 E20055 E20057 E20058 E20060 i550-P0.75/230-2 16289929 i550-P0.55/230-2 16289927 i550-P0.37/230-2 16289926 E20072 E20062 i550-P2.2/230-2 16289925 i550-P1.5/230-2 16289924 E20124 E20127 E20137