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transmitters Pointek Capacitance transmitters Radar transmitters Ultrasonic controllers SITRANS Ultrasonic transducers Accessories Accessories and other SITRANS P SITRANS P DS Optical hollow shaft incremental encoders Magnetic incremental encoder Optical solid shaft encoder EC 34 EMB - EMBO EMD EP A-B EV A-B-C FE FES G 20 - 25 - 30 A RH 200 A-B-C RL 500 - RM 500 A-B-C 6EP 6ES SIMATIC IPC547E SIMATIC IPC427D SIMATIC IPC647E SIMATIC IPC847E SIMATIC IPC477D SIMATIC IPC677D SIMATIC IPC277D SIMATIC IPC627 SIMATIC S7-1200 SIMATIC S7-300 SIMATIC S7-400H SIMATIC S7-1500 SIMATIC NET SCALANCE SINAUT SIMATIC HMI SIMATIC DP SIMATIC PARTS AND UNITS Cables Connection Distance sensors SICK Encoder Fluid sensors Identification solutions Automation light grids Opto-electronic protective devices Photoelectric sensors Proximity sensors Registration sensors Safety switches Safe control solutions Vision Laser scanners Magnetic Cylinder Sensors Other Products Converters Motors Documentation SIMOTICS S 1FK701 SIMOTICS S 1FK702 SIMOTICS S 1FK703 SIMOTICS S 1FK704 SIMOTICS S 1FK706 SIMOTICS S 1FK708 SIMOTICS S 1FK71 SIMOTICS S 1FL6 SIMOTICS S 1FT6 SIMOTICS S 1FT7 SIMOTICS M 1PH SIMOTICS SD 1LE SIMOTICS GP 1LA SIMOTICS XP SIMOTICS M 1FE SIMOTICS GP 1LE SIMOTICS SD 1LG MICROMASTER 420 MICROMASTER 430 MICROMASTER 440 SINAMICS G SINAMICS S SINAMICS DCC SINAMICS DCM Connection Parts and Modules SIMODRIVE Parts Magnetic multiturn encoder Optical multiturn encoder Magnetic singleturn encoder Optical singleturn encoder Absolute magnetostrictive transducer Absolute potentiometer encoder Incremental linear encoder ACS55 ACS150 ACS310 ACS320 ACS350 ACS355 ACS380 ACS550 ACS580 ACS800 ACS850 ACS880 DCS800 ACS1000 ACS2000 ACS5000 ACS6000 Encoders Sensors EA 58 B-C - 63 A-D-E EA 58F - EA 63 F-G EA 58 B-C - 63 A-D-E Profibus EA 58F - EA 63 F-G Profibus EA 63 AX-DX EA 63 AX-DX Profibus EA 90A - 115A EA 90A - 115A Profibus EAX 80 A-D EA 36 F-G EA 36 A EMA 22A - SSI EMA 50 A-B-BY - Solid shaft EMA 50 F-G - Blind hollow shaft EMA 55 A-AY EML 50 A-B-BY - Solid shaft EML 50 F-G - Blind hollow shaft EMS 22A AAM 58 B-C-F PROFINET EAM 58-63 A-B-C-D-E EAM 58-63 A-B-C-D-E Profibus EAM 58F - EAM 63F-G EAM 58F - EAM 63F-G Profibus EAM 63 AX-DX - Profibus EAM 63 AX-DX - SSI EAM 90-115 A-B-C-D-E EAM 90-115 A-B-C-D-E Profibus EAMX 80 A-D EAM 36 A EAM 36 F-G EAMW 58 B-C - EAMW 63 D EH 115 A-R EH 38 A-B-D EH 90A EL - ER 115 A EL - ER 30 E-H-I EL - ER 40 A-B-C-E-H-I-N-X EL - ER 58 B-C-H-T EL - ER 63 A-D-E EL - ER 63 AX-DX EL - ER 90 A EX 80 A-D AF 35F EF 36K EF 50 F-G-K EF 50 FA-FP-GA-GP EH - EF 80 C-K-P EH - EL 88P EH 17 - EH 30 M EH 17 - EH 30 MH EH 50 FA-FP EH 53 A-B EH 80PU EH 88 PE-PET EH 99P EL - EF 49 C-P EL - ER 38 F-G EL - ER 53 A-B EL - ER 58 F-G EL - ER 63 F-G - EL 63P EL 120P EL - ER 72 A-B EL 48 C-P EL 50 F-G-K EL 50 FA-FP-GA-GP EL 63 FB-GB-PB-PBF-PC-PCF EL 58 PFA-PFP-PGA-PGP EMI 22 A EMI 30 M EMI 38 F-G EMI 40 EMI 55 A-AY EMI 63 A-D ETMR ER A-B-C-D-E-F ETMA 1-2 EBMA EPLA EPLB EPLC EPLT EMSPA EMSPB EMSPS EMSSA EMSSS Position sensors Condition monitoring systems Identification systems Industrial communication Industrial imaging Process sensors Safety technology Sensors for motion control Systems for mobile machines Connection technology Accessories Other IFM Products AS-Interface for pneumatics AS-Interface controllers AS-Interface expansion AS-Interface I/O modules AS-I power supplies and monitors Other components AS-Interface Safety at Work Fail-safe inductive sensors Safety light curtains Safety light grids Safety relays Coded safety sensors For AS-Interface For control systems For cylinder sensors For photoelectric sensors For valve feedback systems Basic mounting accessories Other accessories Capacitive sensors Cylinder sensors Fibre optic sensors Inductive sensors Magnetic sensors Photoelectric fork/angle sensors Photoelectric sensors for general applications Photoelectric sensors for specific applications Laser and distance sensors Feedback systems for pneumatics Switching amplifiers Ultrasonic sensors 1D/2D code readers RFID 125 kHz RFID 13.56 MHz RFID UHF Level sensors Pressure sensors Temperature sensors Flow sensors and flow meters Basic control systems Cameras Diagnostic and service units Dialogue modules snd displays I/O modules Mobile controllers Sensors Signal converters Units for operation and monitoring Pulse evaluation systems Speed sensors Encoders Plugs and sockets Cables Splitter boxes Y-splitters and cables Other connection components Systems for oil quality monitoring Vibration monitoring systems Signalling and display systems Altistart Altivar Lexium Altira Compact NS Compact NSX OsiSense Preventa Safety Products Modicon Premium Altistart 01 Altistart 22 Altistart 48 Altistart U01 Altistart Accessories Altivar 12 Altivar 212 Altivar 31 Altivar 312 Altivar 32 Altivar 61 Altivar 630 Altivar 650 Altivar 71 Altivar 930 Altivar 950 Syunchronous motor BMP Altivar Accessories Safety light curtains Safety switches Key operated switches Switches with solenoid Rotary lever switches Limit switches Coded magnetic systems Coded magnetic switches OsiSense XC OsiSense XM OsiSense XS OsiSense XT OsiSense XU Compact NS80H Accessories Compact NSX100 Compact NSX160 Compact NSX250 Compact NSX400 Compact NSX630 Compact NSX100HB Compact NSX250HB Compact NSX400HB Compact NSX DC Switch disconnectors Compact NSX Accessories OsiSense XCK Classic range OsiSense XC Compact range OsiSense XCKJ Industrial range OsiSense XCM Miniature range OsiSense XC Accessories General purpose lasers Forks and frames Transmitters for thru-beam Multi mode sensors Single mode sensors Capacitive Sensors Inductive Sensors Magnetic Sensors Photoelectric Sensors Ultrasonic Sensors My-Com Sensors Absolute encoders Incremental encoders Tachogenerators and Resolvers ACS800-01 ACS800-02 ACS800-04 ACS800-07 ACS800-07LC ACS800-104 ACS800-107 ACS800-11 ACS800-14 ACS800-17 ACS800-204 ACS800-207 ACS800-304 ACS800-307 ACS800-31 ACS800-37 ACS800-38 ACS800-704 ACS800-ITT01 ACS800-ITT02 ACS800-KONE ACS800-U1 ACS800-U11 ACS800-U2 ACS800-U31 ACS800-U4 ACS800-U7 ACS800-X ACS800 Аccessories ACS880-01 ACS880-04 ACS880-07 ACS880-104 ACS880-104LC ACS880-17 ACS880-37 ACS880-M04 ACS880 Аccessories ACS150-01E ACS150-01U ACS150-03E ACS150-03U ACS150 Аccessories ACS55-01E ACS55-01N ACS55 Аccessories ACS550-01 ACS550-02 ACS550-U1 ACS550-U2 ACS550 Аccessories AC500 AC500 Аccessories ACS350-01E ACS350-01U ACS350-03E ACS350-03U ACS350 Аccessories ACS355-01E ACS355-03E ACS355-03U ACS355 Аccessories VD4 M1AA M2AA M2BA M2BAX M2QA M2VA M3AA M3BP 3GBP Low voltage motors accessories IRC5 ACS580-01 ACS580-04 ACS580-07 ACS310-01E ACS310-03E ACS850-04 ACS850-SP04 SENTRON 3WL Centrifugal Fans Centrifugal fans CBM-RE Drives Softstarters VFX 2.0 Emotron MSF Cylinders Valves Standards-based Standards-based compact cylinders Oval cylinders Rodless cylinders Rotating cylinders Short-stroke cylinders Microcylinders Univer M Pneumatic Cylinders Univer KL Pneumatic Cylinders Univer KE Heavy Duty Cylinders Univer KD Pneumatic Cylinders Univer K Compact Cylinders Univer RP Compact Cylinders Univer RM Octagonal Cylinders Univer RO Octagonal Cylinders Univer RN Strong Cylinders Univer RS Octogonal Cylinders Univer RQ ACS320-01E ACS320-03E ACS380-040C ACS380-040N ACS380-040S ACS380-042C ACS380-042N ACS380-042S PSE PSR PSRC PSS PST PSTB PSTX Electropilots Poppet valves Standards-based valves Complementary valves Spool valves Compact valves Switching automation light grids Measuring automation light grids Optical data transmission Ultrasonic sensors Short range distance sensors Mid range distance sensors Linear measurement sensors Long range distance sensors Position finders Absolute encoders Incremental encoders Linear encoders Wire draw encoders Pressure sensors Temperature sensors Flow sensors Level sensors Bar code scanners Hand-held scanners Image-based code readers RFID Safety laser scanners Safety light curtains Mirror columns and device columns Safety camera systems Photoelectric sensors W12 Miniature sensors W15 Photoelectric sensors MH15V Long-range sensor W24 Photoelectric Sensors W27 Photoelectric proximity Z-sensors Fiber-optic sensors Other Photoelectric Sensors Magnetic proximity sensors Capacitive Proximity Sensors Inductive proximity sensors Array sensors Color sensors Contrast sensors Fork sensors Glare sensors Luminescence sensors Register sensors Markless sensors Safety command devices Magnetic safety switches Electro-mechanical safety switches Inductive safety switches Safety controllers Safety relays 2D vision 3D vision Adapters and distributors Connectivity Servo motor BSH055 Servo motor BSH070 Servo motor BSH100 Servo motor BSH140 Lexium Accessories Air cylinders Air preparation equipment Directional control valves Electric actuators Fittings and tubing Fluid control equipment Rotary actuators and air grippers Sensors and switchers Static Neutralization Equipment Vacuum equipment Clamp cylinders Compact air 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Regulators Solenoid valves Speed controllers for general purposes Speed controllers for special purposes Other fluid control equipment Grippers and escapements Parallel type air grippers Rotary actuators Auto switches Electronic flow switches Electronic pressure switches Mechanical pressure and flow switches Air suction filters High vacuum equipment Vacuum ejectors and generators Vacuum pads Solenoid Valves Process and Control Valves Pneumatic Valves Sensors Microfluidic Valves and Pumps Mass Flow Controllers Other Products General Purpose 2-2 Solenoid Valves General Purpose 3-2 Solenoid Valves Solenoid Control Valves Shut-off Valves Control Valves Flow Level Liquid Analysis Other Products Controllers Drives Sensors Other Products CJ1W С200H Frequency Inverters Motors Other Products Lenze 8200 Lenze 8400 Lenze 9300 Lenze 9400 Lenze smd Lenze smv IME IMP IQ IH/IM Hydrostatic level sensor LFH Electronic pressure sensor PAC50 Universal pressure sensor PBS Pressure switch PBS Hygienic Pressure sensor PBT Pressure sensor PFT Pressure Transmitter PHT A3M60 AFM60 AFS60 AHM36 ATM60 ATM90 ARS60-A ARS60-B ARS60-F ARS60-G ARS60-H ARS60-J DBS36 DBS50 DBS60 DFS60 DGS34 DGS35 DKS40 DKV60
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