AAM 38 BiSS , the new line of Eltra Absolute optical encoders.


This versatile and high-performance absolute encoder model has small compact size and is able to multiply and evolve bits. It is robust and durable in use.

New developments of ELTRA company allows to increase encoder resolution (up to 16 bit multi-turn and 23 bit single-turn) and working temperature (from -20° to +105°C).

The main highlight of AAM 38 line is BiSS-C interface. It lets to decrease amount of necessary connections and extend the number of communication protocols.
Another benefit is easy installation due to capability of performing zero reset in any position.

Thanks to harvesting energy recovery system the AAM38 can work without any gears or batteries, it can  power  itself.

Our company can provide you by any series of Eltra Encoders in short terms.