ABB has executed third offshore wind connection project for TenneT.


The success of our colleagues always inspire new achievement and success of this kind simply can not make one stand aside. ABB, a pioneering technology leader in electrification manufacturing, motion and robotics, power grids and industrial automation, has successfully released the DolWin2 offshore wind transmission link for TenneT.
TenneT is a leading Dutch-German transmission system operator. ABB has executed two more offshore wind connection projects for TenneT in Germany’s North Sea: BorWin1 and DolWin1. DolWin2 is the 916 megawatt and 135-kilometre power line to unite three offshore wind farms: Gode Wind I, Gode Wind II and the Nordsee One. These wind farms are located between approx. 45 and 60 kilometers from the coast.

The platform DolWin beta was completed in August 2015. Its installation required no pile driving in the sea floor and assistance of a crane vessel because of the progressive structural design. The land route from the coast to the station Dörpen West in the Emsland district is for about 90 km long and was finished in the summer of 2014. In Dörpen West, the current DC is converted to alternating and fed to the gearing grid via a high-voltage substation. The connected wind farms can feed power into the grid via the DolWin2 connection since the spring of 2016.

The high voltage direct current (HVDC) link supplies more than a million households with renewable energyconnects connecting wind farms to the continent grid. “Energiewende” roadmap, which is supported with DolWin2 too, aims to generate more than 6.5 gigawatts (GW) of offshore wind power by 2020, and 15 GW by 2030.

HVDC technology allowing transmission with minimal losses of large power over long distances. It suites ideally for the delivery of remote renewable energy to the grid. Using ABB HVDC technology will help you to provide a stronger, intelligent and green network.

The 916 megawatt (MW) channel uses ABB's HVDC Light® technology, a voltage source converter (VSC) and includes a 320-kilovolt (kV) converter station. The station is located on a platform about 45 km from the shore and connects up to three offshore wind farms to the mainland power grid in Germany. The scope of the project for ABB were design, delivery, installation and commissioning of compact offshore and onshore conversion stations, as well as underwater and underground cable systems. HVDC Ligt technology was developed by ABB on the basis of VSC 20 years ago and today is the market leader. ABB completed 19 VSC HVDCs projects from 25 ordered worldwide.

The technology now reaches ± 640 kV in the upper range and can deliver 3000 MW and provides power transmission over a distance of more than 2000 kilometers. The design of the system provides compact conversion stations - a great advantage in applications of this kind. ABB Continues the more than 125-year history of innovation today driving of Energy and the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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