Eltra ETMA/EBMA: The perfect match.


In order to be effective each incremental linear magnetic sensor, must be aligned complitely to the magnetic tape. Of course, from the other side is also true: a high quality magnetic strip can only work well when the transducer passes along it, scrupulously measuring the displacements. That's why the ETMA encoder and the EBMA magnetic band are the perfect match. For the product may seem simpler than others but the details will distinguish it. ETMA has an especially high protection level (IP 67) and is extremely resistant to shock and vibration, making it an perfect match, for example for woodworking or marble machines and automated systems. The device offers various options in terms of electronic output, so it can be used with different types of interface.

To work together in this reliable and powerful way a magnetic tape was developed , just as sturdy as the transducer. EBMA is double-sided adhesive so it is easy applied. The band is available pre-cut or in rolls up to 50 meters.

The Eltra-trade catalog also includes the full range of linear transducers, absolute rotary and incremental rotary  Eltra encoders  to satisfy the great variety of application fields possible.